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ADJ   West European | - | -
NOUN   a West European | West Europeans
West European {adj}westeuropäisch
West EuropeanWesteuropäer {m}
West European [female]Westeuropäerin {f}
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West European countries
westeuropäische Länder {pl}
5+ Wörter
citizen of a West European stateAngehöriger {m} eines westeuropäischen Staates
Taxa/Spezies (Tiere, Pflanzen, Pilze)
West European hedgehog [Erinaceus europaeus]
Westigel {m}
West European hedgehog [Erinaceus europaeus]
Braunbrustigel {m}
West European hedgehog [Erinaceus europaeus]
Westeuropäischer Igel {m}
West European house mouse [Mus (musculus) domesticus]
Westliche Hausmaus {f}
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  • A changeling is a figure in West European folklore.
  • Services to larger West European cities began with the winter timetable starting in October that year.
  • He consulted the most learned of the Greek prelates abroad, invited them to a consultation at Moscow, and finally the scholars of Constantinople and Kiev convinced Nikon that the Muscovite service-books were heterodox, and that the icons actually in use had very widely departed from the ancient Constantinopolitan models, being for the most part imbued with the Frankish and Polish (West European) baroque influences.
  • However, recent archaeogenetics suggests that the west European neolithic population was largely replaced by later arrivals.
  • This technology started gaining widespread adoption in markets like North America and West European countries.
  • In the 19th century in the West, European fashion caused fan decoration and size to vary.
  • In the 1982 Falklands War, the Argentine armed forces deployed the newest west European weapons including the Oerlikon GDF-002 35 mm twin cannon and SAM Roland.
  • Sociologists have found that people with a farming background were present in other occupations to a considerably greater extent in Finland than in other West European countries.
  • Maritimers are predominantly of west European origin: Scottish Canadians, Irish Canadians, English Canadians, and Acadians.
  • Oțelu Roșu is subjected to west European climatic influences because of its altitude and location.
  • In the West, European style sprint racing is much more common.
  • Considered one of Poland's national dances in pre-partition times, it owes its popularity in 19th-century West European ballrooms to the mazurkas of Frédéric Chopin.
  • Leagues are also included in this list because, in terms of length, they fall in between the short West European miles and the long North, Central and Eastern European miles.
  • The attempt to appeal to a wider clientele failed; while an improvement over previous Ladas, the Samara's higher price pitched it against stiffer West European competition.
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