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exit menu <XM>
Aussprungmenü {n} <AM>
X-ray microscope <XM, XRM>
Röntgenmikroskop {n}
X-ray microscope <XM, XRM>
Röntgenstrahlmikroskop {n}
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Übersetzung für 'XM' von Englisch nach Deutsch

exit menu <XM>
Aussprungmenü {n} <AM>comp.tech.

X-ray microscope <XM, XRM>
Röntgenmikroskop {n}MedTech.optics

Röntgenstrahlmikroskop {n}MedTech.optics
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  • A module is called coprimary if "xm" = 0 for some nonzero "m" ∈ "M" implies "x'n'M" = 0 for some positive integer "n".
  • The XM Nation Music Awards were a 2005 awards show on XM Satellite Radio, voted on by nearly 1.4 million music fans nationwide for nominated artists and categories selected by XM's programming staff.
  • Update 6-2-2022 Cinemagic is still on the air as a sirius xm extra channel, though the variety of music is limited, it is still with us.
  • The XM PCR is a satellite receiver sold by XM Radio and discontinued in 2004, amidst piracy concerns.
  • Family Talk is a Christian focused talk radio channel on the Sirius XM Radio service Sirius channel 161 and XM channel 131 (previously 170).
  • Since the Sirius XM merger, Symphony Hall competed with Sirius XM Pops for classical music listeners.
  • On May 16, 2006, the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) sued XM, stating that the device infringes on copyrights.
  • Originally it replaced The Vault as a part of the Sirius/XM merger in 2008.
  • On May 4, 2011, Fox News Talk moved to XM 126 from XM 168 and to Sirius 126 from Sirius 145. It now airs on both Sirius and XM at Channel 450.
  • Although XM initially encouraged third-party application development for the XM PCR radio, publishing links to third-party applications on its website, XM discontinued the XM PCR radio after the release of TimeTrax.
  • In 2005, Li won “Best New Classical Artist” of XM Satellite Radio's First Annual XM Nation Music Awards.
  • Now,calculate all "xm (n≥m≥1)" by "xm=amxm+1+xm+2". Then "y = c'x1" and "x = c'x2".
  • The Stripped XM file format is another XM subformat.
  • There was an XM version using the same name, but the XM station played Urban contemporary gospel music. The two Spirits on Sirius and XM were taken away, and the XM version was replaced by Praise.
  • The game uses several songs originally made in S3M, mod and xm format.
  • After success in Europe, in January 2008, "1720 Entertainment" distributed his first solo US release entitled "Knight in Shining Armor", which got heavy rotation on sirius and xm radio and certain markets across the US and cracked the hot 100, the song became an internet underground RnB hit which gave Michael credibility to build on as he shed the boyband title and grew into his own as a legit solo artist with a definitive vocal sound and delivery that got comparison's to the king of pop himself Michael Jackson.
  • After the merger between Sirius and XM was completed, Major League Baseball games remained exclusive to XM Radio as a result of an arrangement dispute between MLB and Sirius XM, which prevented Sirius subscribers from listening to games.
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