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NOUN   a Yagi antenna | Yagi antennas
Yagi antenna
Yagiantenne {f}
crossed Yagi antennaKreuzyagi-Antenne {f}
long Yagi antennaLangyagi-Antenne {f}
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  • It uses a two-element yagi antenna, with a crystal oscillator-controlled double-conversion receiver, and may be attached to antennas for external use on aircraft or vehicles.
  • Additionally, 245 and 410 MHz frequencies can be observed from a dual Yagi antenna attached to the feed.
  • In these cases, a Yagi antenna receives the transmitted signal and supplies it by way of a coaxial cable to a second Yagi antenna.
  • The two HF bands shared the same center-feed dipole antenna, while a 7 elements Yagi antenna was used for the VHF channel.
  • Type 285 with six element Yagi antenna with separate Tx / Rx.
  • The service uses a Yagi antenna to receive the encrypted broadcast, which in turn is then decrypted by the provider's set top box.
  • General surveillance of NATO aircraft was provided by vintage P-18 radar sets, which used vacuum tubes and a large rotating Yagi antenna grid for meter-band illumination.
  • For VHF and UHF operation, one option is to mount a small yagi antenna to a pole 1–2 m (3–6 ft) long and haul this to the masthead using a flag halyard.
  • Most used the UHF spectrum and had a transmit Yagi antenna on the port wing and a receiver Yagi antenna on the starboard wing.
  • The Yagi antenna differs from the LPDA in having a very narrow bandwidth.
  • For example, a Yagi antenna has quite pronounced directionality, so the source of a transmission can be determined simply by pointing it in the direction where the maximum signal level is obtained.
  • Type 289 was developed based upon Dutch pre-war radar technology and used a Yagi-antenna. With an improved RDF design it controlled Bofors 40 mm anti-aircraft guns (see Electric listening device).
  • The steerable crossed yagi antenna was used to transmit and receive telemetry from various spacecraft of that era.
  • To reduce the overall size of the container, the rear fins of the missile are stored in the larger diameter cylinder at the front of the tube (this also contains the Yagi antenna for transmitting guidance signals); during firing, the fins slip onto the rear of the missile as it flies through and are held there by heat-activated adhesive tapes.
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