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a week before {adv}eine Woche vorher
before a week is outehe eine Woche vorbei ist
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  • Collins and Sir James Craig signed an agreement to end it on 30 March 1922, but, despite this, Collins covertly supplied arms to the Northern IRA until a week before his death in August 1922.
  • Gandy also told Gray it would be a week before she could clear Hoover's effects out so Gray could move into the suite.
  • His controversial moves (he allowed Dennis Rodman to live in his house for a week before temporarily signing him) and outspoken personality quickly made him a fan favorite in Dallas.
  • However, the outbreak of World War II put a stop to the preparations. The Olympics were formally cancelled on 2 May 1940, a week before the Netherlands was invaded.
  • Hrabal's first book was withdrawn a week before publication, in 1959.
  • Although polls just a week before the election gave Arias a comfortable lead of at least 12% (and up to 20%), preliminary election results gave him only a .4% lead over rival Ottón Solís and prompted a manual recount of all ballots.
  • During the press conference called by defense attorneys, one of Meinhof's lawyers, Michael Oberwinder, stated that it was less than a week before Meinhof's death that they had a very involved conversation.
  • Robert Dudley was counted among Elizabeth's special friends by Philip II's envoy to the English court a week before Queen Mary's death.
  • Asti is also famous for its Asti's Festival of Festivals, held in September a week before the Palio.
  • The album opens with Barone's version of "Learning the Game", one of the final songs written and recorded by Holly at his home in Greenwich Village, a week before his death.
  • On July 29, 1969, less than a week before closest approach, Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) lost contact with Mariner 7.
  • The word "xerox" is used as a synonym for "photocopy" (both as a noun and a verb) in many areas: for example, "I xeroxed the document and placed it on your desk" or "Please make a xeroxed copy of the articles and hand them out a week before the exam".
  • He blogged about unreleased products and company finances a week before the company's earnings announcement.
  • But the show's third episode lost 14% of the audience that had tuned in a week before.
  • O'Hare a week before his release, for helping federal prosecutors convict Capone of tax evasion, though there are other theories for O'Hare's death.
  • However, a chemical fire inadvertently started by the cell alerted police to their whereabouts, and all were arrested a week before the pope's visit, and confessed to the plot.
  • In 1994, the Pyramid Stage burned down just over a week before the festival; a temporary main stage was erected in time for the festival.
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