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ADJ   adoral | more adoral | most adoral
adoral {adj}
adoral membrane
Adoralmembran {f}
adoral zone of membranelles <AZM>
adorale Membranellenzone {f} <AZM>
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  • The oral cilia contain the adoral zone of membranelles (AZM), which are compound ciliary organelles.
  • Parablepharismea is a class of free-living marine and brackish anaerobic ciliates Their oral ciliature is composed of bipartite paroral membrane and adoral zone of membranelles.
  • The oral region is on one end, and is surrounded by specialized cilia (the "adoral zone of oral polykinetids").
  • It can be distinguished from its congeners by its thin body, an absence of cortical granules, and a low number of ciliary rows and adoral polykinetids.
  • They typically have prominent oral cilia in the form of a series of polykinetids, called the adoral zone of membranelles, beginning anterior to the oral cavity and running down to the left side of the mouth.
  • The mature shell is thickened on the inside just behind the aperture resulting in a constriction in the internal mold at the adoral end.
  • Siphuncle segments are strongly inflated adapically, being globular to subglobular in form, and decrease in inflation toward the aperture with the more adoral segments being fusiform to subcylindrical.
  • Connecting rings are expanded ventrally at the adapical end of each segment and dorsally at the adoral end.
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