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NOUN   an amount adjustment | amount adjustments
amount adjustmentBetragsberichtigung {f}
If the off-center amount is large, perform adjustment according to instructions. [Am.] Bei starker Dezentrierung Justierung nach Anleitung vornehmen.
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  • The penalty is 20% of the amount of the tax adjustment, increased to 40% at a higher threshold.
  • Instead, this adjustment controls the amount of time that the electronic sensor collects light in order to create each successive image.
  • This initial amount is then subject to an annual Cost of Living Adjustment or COLA.
  • The role these networks play remains uncertain due to the fact that ethnic enclaves allow immigrants to function successfully within the host society without a significant amount of adjustment either culturally or linguistically.
  • Preparation of the Solution: This may involve several steps including adjustment of the pH of the solution in order for the precipitate to occur quantitatively and get a precipitate of desired properties, removing interferences, adjusting the volume of the sample to suit the amount of precipitating agent to be added.
  • Depending on the amount of choreographic and/or presentational adjustment an original work is subjected to, the filmed version may be considered as dance for camera.
  • A few camera designs also provide EI adjustment through a choice of lightness parameters for the interpretation of sensor data values into sRGB; this variation allows different tradeoffs between the range of highlights that can be captured and the amount of noise introduced into the shadow areas of the photo.
  • An attempted small scroll adjustment by the user may result in a larger one as the scrolling activates an automatic action jumping to the next page.
  • A jig allows precise control of the orientation of the specimen to the lapping plate and fine adjustment of the load applied to the specimen during the material removal process.
  • During the Depression and through at least the 1950s, there was limited relative adjustment of farmland away from activities that became less productive in more-eroded counties.
  • Selecting a centrifugal fan to operate at conditions other than standard air requires adjustment to both static pressure and brake horsepower.
  • The Agricultural Adjustment Act of 1938 limited the area that farmers could devote to wheat production.
  • 18th-placed Luciano Burti of Prost was delayed for half a minute because of a tyre pressure adjustment error that prevented him from improving his best lap.
  • Some clocks have a timing adjustment (a fast-slow control).
  • The Bessemer process was so fast (10–20 minutes for a heat) that it allowed little time for chemical analysis or adjustment of the alloying elements in the steel.
  • reduction (known as a "provider write off" or "contractual adjustment") would be assessed.
  • ARMs that allow negative amortization will typically have payment adjustments that occur less frequently than the interest rate adjustment.
  • From 21 September 1999, after a report by Alan Reynolds, the 50% capital gains tax discount has been in place for individuals and for some trusts that acquired the asset after that time and that have held the asset for more than 12 months, however the tax is levied without any adjustment to the cost base for inflation.
  • Windows 2000 and 2003 server do not allow adjustment to the cache delay time.
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