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NOUN   an amount column | amount columns
amount columnBetragsspalte {f}
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Übersetzung für 'amount column' von Englisch nach Deutsch

amount column
Betragsspalte {f}
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • In order to gauge the amount of sediment suspended in the water column, manual or automated samples of tidal water can be poured through pre-weighed filters in a laboratory then dried to determine the amount of sediment per volume of water.
  • The temperatures at which labelled DNA comes off the column reflects the amount of similarity between sequences (and the self-hybridization sample serves as a control).
  • Due to the small sample amount separated in analytical HPLC, typical column dimensions are 2.1–4.6 mm diameter, and 30–250 mm length.
  • The Dobson unit is defined as the thickness (in units of 10 μm) of that layer of pure gas which would be formed by the total column amount at standard conditions for temperature and pressure (STP).
  • The height of the column on which the camera was mounted determined the amount of zoom achievable on a piece of artwork.
  • Each column had two large "Tarzan" fans (a "pusher" and a "puller") to move the considerable amount of air needed to cool the chips.
  • The standard way to express total ozone levels (the amount of ozone in a given vertical column) in the atmosphere is by using Dobson units.
  • It has 16K 10-bit shared RAM that can load and execute both Intellivision CP1610 and 6502 program code from tape, which is a large amount as typical contemporary cartridges are 4K.
  • This speed reduction is accomplished by reducing thrust and/or inducing a greater amount of drag using flaps, landing gear or speed brakes.
  • Light zonation is the concept of how the amount of sunlight penetration into water influences the structure of a body of water.
  • The advantage is not free, however, as the imaging area is now covered by opaque strips dropping the fill factor to approximately 50 percent and the effective quantum efficiency by an equivalent amount.
  • There are also a small amount of flat cells, which sit next to the basement membranes of glands, and act as stem cells.
  • The cells of both marine and freshwater stingrays are round and contain a great amount of granule-filled cytoplasm.
  • Relative to the abundance of molybdenum in the ocean, the amount required as a metal cofactor for enzymes in marine phytoplankton is negligible.
  • Novak once said that his opinions on Israel caused the greatest amount of his hate mail.
  • The term describes couples who are "mostly" but not 100% monogamous; such couples have an understanding that allows for some amount of sexual activity outside the relationship.
  • fl oz (4 fl dram), the old 4 tsp = 1 tbsp amount, instead of [...] fl oz.
  • Particularly for older samples, it may be useful to enrich the amount of [...] in the sample before testing.
  • This bounds the amount of communication partners for each PE to [...] out of [...] possible ones.
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