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NOUN   an amount committed | amounts committed
amount committed
gebundener Betrag {m}
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Übersetzung für 'amount committed' von Englisch nach Deutsch

amount committed
gebundener Betrag {m}comm.
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Ríos Montt admitted that crimes had been committed by the Guatemalan army during his term as president and commander in chief, but he denied that he had planned or ordered those actions, or that there had been any deliberate policy by his government to target the native population that could amount to genocide.
  • There was a deadline for companies to convert their shares and the deadline was short, due to this there was a massive amount of exchanges and in the midst of these exchanges many people committed insider trading knowing that the selling of these shares would affect prices.
  • 1000 troops (a high per-capita amount) are simultaneously committed in NATO and UN operations.
  • Driven by strong demand for private-equity exposure, a significant amount of capital has been committed to secondary investments from investors looking to increase and diversify their private-equity exposure.
  • A committed dose from an internal source is intended to carry the same effective risk as the same amount of equivalent dose applied uniformly to the whole body from an external source, or the same amount of effective dose applied to part of the body.
  • However, on 12 January 2015, Viktor Yanukovych was listed by Interpol as "wanted by the judicial authorities of Ukraine for prosecution / to serve a sentence" on charges of "misappropriation, embezzlement or conversion of property by malversation, if committed in respect of an especially gross amount, or by an organized group".
  • time off for good behavior is automatic absent a certain number (or gravity) of infractions committed by a convict while incarcerated (in most jurisdictions the released inmate is placed under the supervision of a parole officer for a certain amount of time after being so released).
  • The risk from a low level internal source is represented by the dose quantity committed dose, which has the same risk as the same amount of external effective dose.
  • Rarely, a motive may amount to a defence if it is specifically allowed in law, or is protected as a right (for example, if a conviction for crimes committed during a protest would unduly interfere with free speech rights; see "DPP v Ziegler").
  • On 28 May 1996, Mayor Diepgen, Minister-President of Brandenburg Manfred Stolpe and Federal Minister for Transport Matthias Wissmann committed to Schönefeld as the site for the new airport.
  • Crime committed on railway property has decreased by 32.9% since 2002, which RailCorp attributes to the deployment of some 600 Transit Officers across the network.
  • ... Al Nasser) complains that "Shariah authorities demonstrate excessive confidence in their subjects when it comes to dealing with parities in the industry", and Shariah audits are needed "to bring about transparency and ensure" that the institutions "deliver what they have committed to their customers".
  • The system regarding frequently committed traffic violations is regulated by Administrative Enforcement of traffic Rules Act "(Dutch: Wet administratiefrechtelijke handhaving verkeersvoorschriften (WAHV))".
  • Disney was now fully committed to the war effort and contributed by producing propaganda shorts and a feature film entitled "Victory Through Air Power".
  • According to a study of individuals in committed romantic relationships, pornography and sexual media usage does not play a role in satisfaction with time spent on foreplay, although other aspects of sexual satisfaction can be impacted by this type of sexual media.
  • They were the most promising, most committed students, and all of them made botanical expeditions to various places in the world, often with his help.
  • In a more recent English case in 2020, the Court of Appeal upheld the conviction of Tony Richards after Richards sought "to have two voyeurism charges under section 67 of the Sexual Offences Act dismissed on the grounds that he had committed no crime".
  • Among other things, the report confirmed that while JR was committed to returning any water leaking into the tunnel once construction was completed, there is no known feasible way to return all of the water during the construction phase.
  • According to their most recent publication, 7 in 1000 juveniles in the US committed a serious crime in 2016.
  • Victor's justice generally involves the excessive or unjustified punishment of defeated parties and the light punishment of or clemency for offenses which have been committed by victors.
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