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NOUN   an amount deviation | amount deviations
amount deviationBetragsabweichung {f}
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Übersetzung für 'amount deviation' von Englisch nach Deutsch

amount deviation
Betragsabweichung {f}
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Bowlers (spin bowlers even more so than fast or seam bowlers) can telegraph the trajectory and expected landing position of the ball, the likely direction of deviation after pitching, the amount of bounce etc.
  • Any amount of inverse component would mean a deviation from this position.
  • In 2006 the bus "Schleppie Awards" were given to the bus lines that rated worst in "bunching," with major gaps in service (essentially, amount of deviation from posted timetables).
  • It usually relates to a deviation of 'X' amount of blade lean vs.
  • The use of the standard normal distribution causes no loss of generality compared with the use of a normal distribution with an arbitrary mean and standard deviation, because adding a fixed amount to the mean can be compensated by subtracting the same amount from the intercept, and multiplying the standard deviation by a fixed amount can be compensated by multiplying the weights by the same amount.
  • The frequency deviation of a radio is of particular importance in relation to bandwidth, because less deviation means that more channels can fit into the same amount of frequency spectrum.
  • Given a sufficiently high and well known amount of electric current and voltage, the timing of the bridgewire vaporization is both extremely short (a few microseconds) and extremely precise and predictable (standard deviation of time to detonate as low as a few tens of nanoseconds).
  • For example, the typical professional controller will calculate the actual flow rate running in the system when a specific zone is operated, compare this to a pre-configured required amount, and adjust the irrigation process if deviation from the zone's flow rate is detected; This mechanism is called "Flow monitoring", and can prevent irrigation when a burst is occurring in the main line or in the zone's hydraulic components.
  • Soap makers formulate their recipes with a small deficit of lye to account for the unknown deviation of saponification value between their oil batch and laboratory averages.
  • The RDS subcarrier typically uses 2–4 kHz of carrier deviation.
  • Once the capacitor is disconnected from a conducting circuit, the thermodynamic fluctuation is "frozen" at a random value with standard deviation as given above.
  • Modern portfolio theory is a stock or portfolio's expected return, standard deviation, and its correlation with the other stocks or mutual funds held within the portfolio.
  • Standards became such that a deviation in even a single letter in a Torah scroll was considered unacceptable.
  • For instance, one may use a mixture of 95% a normal distribution, and 5% a normal distribution with the same mean but significantly higher standard deviation (representing outliers).
  • Left axis deviation can be a sign of advanced disease.
  • It is defined as the difference between the returns of the investment and the risk-free return, divided by the standard deviation of the investment returns.
  • itself, deviation from typical section numbering and size and shape often takes place.
  • A deviation less than that for a white or black pixel is taken to be a shade of grey.
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