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NOUN   an antecessor | antecessors
antecessor [archaic]Vorgänger {m}
antecessor [archaic]Antezessor {m} [veraltet]
antecessor [female] [archaic]Vorgängerin {f}
Homo antecessor
Homo antecessor {m}
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  • His findings include the discovery of "Homo antecessor", and well-preserved remains of "Homo heidelbergensis".
  • French folklorist Paul Delarue indicated that a possible antecessor to William Shakespeare's "The Tempest", "La Comédie de la belle Sidéa", by German playwright Jacob Ayrer resembled parts of Scottish versions of the tale type.
  • The cuisine includes a slushed ice called "karsambaç", which antecessor of icecream, very refreshing in summer.
  • Archaeological investigations have shown that the area was inhabited in prehistoric times (Homo heidelbergensis and Homo antecessor).
  • Nazi propaganda later declared Henry an antecessor of the Nazi's "Lebensraum" policy and turned Brunswick Cathedral and Henry's tomb into a "National Place of Consecration".
  • A 2021 study by Chris Stringer found Steinheim sits as a sole sister to a group containing "H. antecessor and H.
  • The use of the word "antecessor" in the Domesday Book is used for the former holders of the lands under Edward, and who had been dispossessed by their new owners.
  • The few finds are of Homo antecessor and Homo heidelbergensis, and Lantian Man in China.
  • The evolution of "Homo antecessor" occurred 1.2 million years ago. "Paranthropus" also became extinct.
  • Paulistas are the inhabitants of the state of São Paulo, Brazil, and of its antecessor the Capitaincy of São Vicente, whose capital early shifted from the village of São Vicente to the one of São Paulo dos Campos de Piratininga.
  • Also he tried to underestimate the achievements the president claimed to obtain during his term, like reducing of poverty and inflation rates, claiming his results were consequence of the favorable international economic scenario and the achievements of his antecessor Fernando Henrique Cardoso, from Alckmin's party.
  • He is the successor/antecessor of CEO Burkhard Schwenker.
  • The name "Plegadornis antecessor" was applied to a fossil believed to represent a new bird species, but the generic name "Plegadornis" was preoccupied, so the genus "Angelinornis" was erected to contain the "new" species.
  • In 2007 primatologist Esteban Sarmiento and colleagues questioned the legitimacy of "H. antecessor" as a separate species because much of the skull anatomy is unknown; "H.
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