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VERB   to antedate | antedated | antedated
antedating | antedates
sth. antedatesetw. datiert vor
because sth. antedatesweil etw. vordatiert
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Übersetzung für 'antedates' von Englisch nach Deutsch

sth. antedates
etw. datiert vor

because sth. antedates
weil etw. vordatiert
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Rotterdam was part of the Dutch colony on the eastern seaboard, and is named after Rotterdam, Netherlands, and as such antedates English settlement.
  • , in a Flemish Baroque style, antedates the construction of the gallery behind it.
  • Note that the 1904 Hearn quotation above antedates this 1942 citation.
  • A majority of the route, including the portion in Triadelphia, still follows the route of the old National Road, which antedates the U.S.
  • The use of the name Inlet Beach antedates World War II.
  • It is closely related to "Leptoceratops", which it antedates by several million years.
  • The neighborhood's most infamous incident antedates its annexation by Cleveland.
  • The village antedates the Norman Conquest (1066 AD) and was one of the first Anglo-Saxon settlements of Britain.
  • Founded in 1740, Cauayan antedates the establishment of Isabela by 116 years.
  • The "hadi-hadi" antedates the zarzuela in development.
  • Hamilton Parish antedates the city.
  • According to some it is anterior to Charlemagne (742-814), according to others it had its origin at the end of the 12th century, but it certainly antedates the year 1050, since Pope Leo IX (1051) speaks of the rose as of an ancient institution at his time.
  • The family name long antedates the modern use of the term "bombastic" with its negative connotations, which has a different etymological origin.
  • Sulabh International Museum of Toilets in Delhi, which antedates this museum, opening in 1992.
  • The library has been in continuous service and its collection antedates the existence of the university itself.
  • The "Close-Line ware" of Archaic Susiana 3 phase was contemporary with the Ubaid O phase, which antedates the previously known Ubaid sequence of southern Mesopotamia.
  • Planning for the Baltimore Beltway antedates the creation of the Interstate Highway System.
  • Whether the Homeric Hymn antedates the Alcaeus fragment is unknown.
  • ] antedates Darwin's by nearly 100 years", and reports that he was a pioneer in doing experiments about hybridization.
  • The coin long antedates any Roman occupation of this part of the country; this may either have been lost when held as a souvenir or have been brought over from the continent in the course of trade.
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