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antelope grass [Echinochloa pyramidalis]
Antilopengras {n}
antelope grass [Echinochloa pyramidalis] [also: antelopegrass]
Stachelhirse {f}
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  • African wild dogs have been described as cooperative persistence predators and there's been a popular perception of large packs chasing down large antelope over long distances across open grass plains.
  • He would later describe the lands around Lincoln as "flat and grass-covered and smiling so serenely up at the sun that they seemed forever youthful, untouched by mind or time—a sunlit, timeless prairie over which nothing passed but antelope or wandering bird."
  • The front right arm is stretched out downwards and the hand holds a bit of grass or another plant in the "kataka" gesture, near the mouth of his pet deer or antelope, who leaps playfully by his side.
  • It centers on the new grass-lined Antelope Creek waterway.
  • The Monitor, Kobeh and Antelope valleys lie to the southeast.
  • ... to deep center field) to combat the prevailing winds of the Antelope Valley.
  • For instance, in comparison with the roan antelope, the hartebeest is better at procuring and chewing the scarce regrowth of perennial grasses at times when forage is least available.
  • Four-horned antelopes tend to inhabit areas with significant grass cover or heavy undergrowth, and avoid human settlements.
  • The first land broken in the Antelope Creek area was in April 1889 when Lafayette plowed [...] for his father then plowed a field on his own claim.
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