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NOUN   an antelope | antelope / antelopes
Antilopen {pl}
herd of antelopes
Antilopenherde {f}
herd of antelopes
Antilopenrudel {n}
dwarf antelopes [subfamily Neotraginae]
Böckchen {pl}
goat-antelopes [subfamily Caprinae]
Ziegenartige {pl}
grasing antelopes [subfamily Hippotraginae]
Pferdeböcke {pl}
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  • There is evidence that the Jabroudian people hunted a wide array of animals: elephants, rhinoceros, antelopes and small animals are all found in their sites.
  • In Djibouti, rock art of what appear to be antelopes and a giraffe are also found at Dorra and Balho.
  • The parasite was found in the blood of two antelopes ("Cephalophus grimmi").
  • "Raphicerus" is a genus of small antelopes of the tribe Neotragini (subfamily Antilopinae).
  • Population studies appear to show that, relative to many of the other, somewhat more charismatic antelopes, these animals are habitat specialists, with a strong preference for seasonally dry grasslands.
  • The Bovidae appearing in the mythologies of China include oxen (including the common cow, buffalo, and the yak), sheep and goats, and perhaps antelopes (some times "unicorns" are thought to be types of antelopes).
  • Yellow-backed duikers are one of the few antelopes that can eat meat. Occasionally, these forest antelopes will kill and eat small animals, such as birds.
  • However, Luanshya means river of antelopes due to the many antelopes that were found in the area before mining settlements drove them away.
  • Reedbuck is a common name for African antelopes from the genus "Redunca".
  • Brooke's proposed work on antelopes remained unfinished at his death.
  • No large African animals (elephants, giraffes, lions, crocodiles, zebras or antelopes) are found on the Comoros, despite the islands being relatively close to the mainland.
  • Those forests were filled of antelopes as a major animal.
  • In addition to bongo antelopes, there is also habitat for badger bats, African golden cats, forest elephants and forest buffalos.
  • The country has 23 species of antelopes and one of Africa's largest populations of giant eland in its north and east.
  • Wildlife such as the Grévy's zebra, Spotted hyena, ostrich, and a variety of antelopes are found here.
  • Common elands are spiral-horned antelopes. They are sexually dimorphic, with females being smaller than the males. Male elands can weigh up to [...].
  • Gazelles are relatively small antelopes, most standing [...] high at the shoulder, and are generally fawn-colored.
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