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authoritative {adj}autoritär
authoritative {adj}verbindlich
authoritative {adj} [reliable]zuverlässig
authoritative {adj} [definitive]maßgebend
authoritative {adj} [official]amtlich
authoritative {adj} [definitive]maßgeblich
authoritative {adj} [reliable]verlässlich
authoritative {adj}herrisch
authoritative {adj} [commanding]gebieterisch
authoritative {adj}autoritativ [geh.]
authoritative {adj}herrschaftlich [autoritär]
authoritative {adj} [commanding]Respekt einflößend
authoritative {adj} [esp. in connection to Jesus]
vollmächtig [mit Vollmacht, bes. Jesus]
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not authoritative {adj}unmaßgeblich
authoritative airgebieterischer Ton {m}
authoritative informationverbindliche Auskunft {f}
authoritative nameserver [also: authoritative name server]
Autoritative-Name-Server {m} [auch: Authoritative Name Server]
authoritative precedentverbindlicher Präzedenzfall {m}
authoritative sourceberufene Quelle {f}
authoritative statementverbindliche Aussage {f}
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from an authoritative source {adv} [a person]von berufener Seite [Redewendung]
from an authoritative source {adv} [a person]aus berufenem Munde [Redewendung]
clear and authoritative evidence {sg}
klare und eindeutige Beweise {pl}
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..., both texts being equally authoritative.
..., wobei jeder Wortlaut gleichermaßen verbindlich ist.
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  • The declaration upheld the Holy Scriptures as containing "all things necessary for salvation", the first four Ecumenical councils and three Creeds as expressing the church's rule of faith, and the Thirty-Nine Articles as authoritative for Anglicans today.
  • More broadly, the UDHR has become an authoritative human rights reference.
  • Otherwise, it depends whether the server is set up as authoritative or not.
  • Raedts does not consider the sources after 1250 to be authoritative, and of those before 1250, he considers only about 20 to be authoritative.
  • That authoritative institution is the Akademio de Esperanto.
  • Wayne Grudem criticizes commonly rendering "kephalē" in those same passages only to mean "source", and argues that it denotes "authoritative head" in such texts as Corinthians 11.
  • Recursive transcompiling can be used to distribute a language independent specification across many different technologies, with each technology potentially keeping an authoritative description of a different part of the specification.
  • "Recursive name servers" resolve any query they receive, even if they are not authoritative for the question being asked, by consulting the server or servers that are authoritative for the question.
  • A goodwill ambassador is a professional occupation and/or authoritative designation assigned to a person who advocates for a specific cause or global issue on the basis of their notability such as a public figure, advocate or an authoritative expert.
  • Subsequent IETF efforts specify the use of DoT between recursive and authoritative servers ("Authoritative DNS-over-TLS" or "ADoT") and a related implementation between authoritative servers (Zone Transfer-over-TLS or "xfr-over-TLS").
  • The decision in "Quincecare" has been broadly accepted as authoritative ever since it was handed down. It is recognised as authoritative by leading academic texts.
  • "Miller's Anesthesia" is an authoritative textbook on anesthesiology.
  • Authoritative parents are characterized by encouraging and democratic behaviors.
  • Some evangelical and other Christians consider the Nicene Creed helpful and to a certain extent authoritative, but not infallibly so in view of their belief that only Scripture is truly authoritative.
  • The following extraneous aids have been ranked from least authoritative to most authoritative: subsequent history, nonlegislator proponents of drafters, rejected proposals, colloquy on floor & hearing, sponsor statements, and committee reports.
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