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VERB   to authorize | authorized | authorized
authorizing | authorizes
SYNO to authorise | to authorize | to clear | ...
to authorizegenehmigen
to authorizeautorisieren
to authorizeberechtigen
to authorizeerlauben
to authorizebefugen
to authorizebevollmächtigen
to authorizebewilligen
to authorizezulassen [amtlich]
to authorizeermächtigen
to authorize sb.jdn. mit einer Vollmacht ausstatten
to authorize sb.
jdm. Vollmacht erteilen
2 Wörter
to authorize paymentZahlung veranlassen
3 Wörter
to authorize a payment
eine Zahlung anweisen
to authorize a transactioneinen Geschäftsgang genehmigen
to authorize for paymentzur Auszahlung freigeben
to authorize sb. to do sth.jdn. ermächtigen, etw. zu tun
to authorize the paymentdie Zahlung freigeben
to authorize to paybeauftragen zu zahlen
5+ Wörter
to authorize a sum for paymentzur Zahlung freigeben
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • A bylaw to authorize an agreement between the Municipality and American Oil Co.
  • 369 (1967), was a United States Supreme Court decision that set an important legal precedent that held that a state could not authorize invidious discrimination by private landlords without entangling itself in the ensuing discriminatory private decisions.
  • The diocesan bishop must not "authorize the establishment of new groups".
  • Kennedy sponsored a bill during the 2021 session of the Colorado General Assembly that would authorize the state's municipalities to use ranked-choice voting in city elections even if their charters do not authorize that system of choosing public officials.
  • New laws will be required to authorize flooding of the indigenous lands.
  • The bill would authorize appropriations for assistance to civil society in Venezuela.
  • The bill would authorize appropriations.
  • was a bill that intended to authorize appropriations over the 2014-2017 period for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to improve forecasting of severe weather events.
  • The bill would prohibit this Act from being construed to: (1) create or authorize any new regulations or additional federal government regulatory authority, or (2) authorize the appropriation of any additional funds.
  • However, certain higher ranks have additional powers to authorize certain aspects of police operations, such as a power to authorize a search of a suspect's house (section 18 PACE in England and Wales) by an officer of the rank of Inspector, or the power to authorize a suspect's detention beyond 24 hours by a Superintendent.
  • Furthermore, they alleged that they did not authorize the use of the lyrics, that Willis Music did not have permission to authorize others to use the lyrics, and that the lyrics had been used not only in the television series but on various kinds of program-associated merchandise without proper permission.
  • In 2014, Kirk co-sponsored legislation to re-authorize the Export-Import Bank.
  • Otter voted to authorize the 2003 invasion of Iraq.
  • In Dec 2008, Congress declined to authorize the Auto industry bailout bill.
  • A total of 12 states authorize Chapter 9 upon conditions met and further action of state, officials or other entity; and the remainder (12) specifically authorize bankruptcy.
  • Water Splash argued in the United States Supreme Court that the Hague Service Convention itself authorized service of process by mail making Texas service of process law irrelevant as to whether the default judgment was valid.
  • In respect of the search of the applicants' offices, the search warrant authorized only a search for and seizure of "documentation."
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