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NOUN   an autistic person | autistic persons
autistic person
Autist {m}
autistic person [female]
Autistin {f}
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Übersetzung für 'autistic person' von Englisch nach Deutsch

autistic person
Autist {m}psych.
autistic person [female]
Autistin {f}psych.
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  • In January 2019, a production of "All in a Row" sparked controversy over the way that an autistic person was being represented in puppet form.
  • Viswanath in "Swathi Muthyam", playing an autistic person who tries to change society and won him his second Nandi Award for Best Actor.
  • These may vary from picking up dropped items and taking laundry out of a washing machine to interrupting self-harming behaviors to providing deep pressure therapy for an autistic person.
  • Although some prefer to use the person-first terminology "person with autism", other members of the autistic community prefer identity-first terminology, such as "autistic person" or "autistic" in formal English, to stress that autism is a part of their identity rather than a disease they have.
  • Social stories can be used to communicate ways in which an autistic person can prepare themselves for social interaction.
  • Sinclair is the first documented autistic person to reject people-first language.
  • Jim Sinclair states that autism conferences are traditionally geared toward neurotypical parents and professionals, and that to an autistic person they may be quite "hostile" in terms of sensory stimulation and rigidity.
  • Kapoor's portrayal of an autistic person in the 1989 film, "Eeshwar" was well-received and helped establish his versatility as an actor.
  • For example, non-autistic people may not understand when an autistic person is overwhelmed, which is a social difficulty on the part of neurotypicals rather than autistic individuals.
  • In 2016, she became the first openly autistic person to defend a thesis on the subject in France.
  • She is the first openly LGBTQ+ woman and first openly autistic person elected to the Pennsylvania General Assembly.
  • The nominations for the film "Music" also faced criticism for the casting of Maddie Ziegler as an autistic person, and concerns over what impact the film could have on the perception and handling of autistic people, with co-host Tina Fey joking that "Twitter is saying it's the most offensive casting since Kate Hudson was the Weightwatchers spokesperson".
  • They could link similar images of the brain of an autistic person with the images of the brain of a person with musical anhedonia.
  • He was noted for portraying autism through an autistic person's perspective.
  • The focus should not be just on the autistic person's behaviours, skills or understandings; it is vital - and rewarding - for those around them to put in work to understand their perspectives, too.
  • Since that point, there have been significant improvements in supporting the lives of those with learning disabilities and as put by Mencap's former chief executive Fred Heddell; 'It is possible for an autistic person today to form relationships and to lead a much less isolated life'.
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