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ADJ   awed | more awed | most awed
VERB   to awe | awed | awed
awing | awes
SYNO awed | awestricken | awestruck | ...
awed {adj} {past-p}eingeschüchtert
awed {adj}ehrfurchtsvoll
sb./sth. awedjd./etw. fürchtete
to be awed (by sth.)(von etw.) tief beeindruckt sein
to be awed (by sth.)(von etw.) überwältigt sein [beeindruckt]
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • David Burn, who visited the prison in 1842, was awed by the peninsula's beauty and believed that many would come to visit it.
  • A dwarf with too many questions, he is awed by much of what he sees over the course of the book.
  • Both awed and disturbed by Sammy's aggressive personality, Manheim becomes Sammy's primary observer, mentor and, as Sammy asserts numerous times, best friend.
  • Fred Luke was a guest of honour of 93 Le cateau Field Battery shortly before his death when members of the battery were awed to meet this living legend.
  • Arjuna mentions the sadhyas as one of the classes that are awed by Krishna's vishvarupa form.
  • In an episode in the third season, Sam is awed by President Bartlet's foresight and wisdom when resolving an apparent impasse among the Chinese, the Taiwanese and the United States.
  • Her natural grace and supple movements, along with an ability to express a repertoire of emotions awed audiences and garnered acclaim from art critics, though her modernist style was criticized by some.
  • The Little Chapel by the Lake at Knott’s opened to an awed public on December 11, 1941.
  • Komi goes to a park and has fun while she is alone. A passing Tadano is awed by her beauty and again forgets to return his books.
  • Lawyers and laymen alike were awed by his brilliance and his intellectual prowess, which he defused only by his dry sense of humour.
  • Finally the 7 days kappu person's awed fast will be end on end of the devotion.
  • The documentary shows that the people who attended the rodeo were awed to find African-American men and women actively involved in skills such as bronc riding, calf roping and brahma bull riding.
  • Sreeram - Cinematography, Rajeevan - Art Direction, and Satissh Kurosowa - Editing which has awed South Indian audiences and is set to release in theatres across the globe in the months to follow.
  • Musgrave is awed and amazed by life in Ionia, and quickly becomes a convert to its values.
  • Historian Bruce Schulman wrote that Nixon was "awed" by the handsome, urbane Texan who was also a tough political fighter.
  • Regardless of age or knowledge, visitors will be awed by an extensive collection of art, and will gain insight into the continuing evolution of one of Canada's many vibrant indigenous cultures.
  • When the artwork began to completely fill the warehouse, he self-designated the space as the Rudy Rotter Museum of Sculpture; the scale and content of which fascinated and awed those who visited.
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