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NOUN   an axial vector | axial vectors
axial vector
Axialvektor {m}
axial vector <AV, a.v.>
axialer Vektor {m} <AV>
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Übersetzung für 'axial vector' von Englisch nach Deutsch

axial vector
Axialvektor {m}math.phys.
axial vector <AV, a.v.>
axialer Vektor {m} <AV>math.phys.
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  • Bardeen is co-inventor of the theory of the axial vector current anomaly which is of foundational importance in modern theoretical physics.
  • According to the Standard Model the weak interaction has a Vector–Axial vector structure.
  • In 1957, Marshak and George Sudarshan proposed a V-A ("vector" minus "axial vector") Lagrangian for weak interactions, which eventually paved the way for the electroweak theory.
  • Mesons named with the letter "f" are "scalar mesons" (as opposed to a pseudo-scalar meson), and mesons named with the letter "a" are axial-vector mesons (as opposed to an ordinary vector meson) a.k.a.
  • The angular velocity vector (an "axial vector") also describes the direction of the axis of rotation. Similarly the torque is an axial vector.
  • Pions are pseudoscalars under a parity transformation. Pion currents thus couple to the axial vector current and so participate in the chiral anomaly.
  • A vector which gains a minus sign when the orientation of space changes is called a "pseudovector" or an "axial vector".
  • In physics, the names "pseudovector" and "axial vector" are used to describe vectors that transform in the same way that an antivector transforms.
  • In this model, the boundary condition is that the axial vector current is continuous across the boundary, with free (non-interacting) quarks on the inside, obeying the boundary condition.
  • The boundary condition is provided by the requirement of continuity of the axial vector current across the bag boundary.
  • George Sudarshan and Robert Marshak, discovered the chiral structures of the weak interaction of physics and developed the V-A theory (vector minus axial vector theory).
  • Because the direction the electron is emitted in (a polar vector) is preferentially aligned opposite the muon spin (an axial vector), the decay is an example of non-conservation of parity by the weak interaction.
  • Pseudovector, or axial vector, mesons in the 1 [...] category are most readily be seen in proton‑antiproton annihilation and pion‑nucleon scattering.
  • A pseudoscalar, when multiplied by an ordinary vector, becomes a pseudovector (axial vector); a similar construction creates the pseudotensor.
  • β decay had been first described theoretically by Fermi's original ansatz which was Lorentz-invariant and involved a 4-point fermion vector current.
  • Bivectors and axial vectors are related by Hodge dual.
  • Since position [...] and velocity [...] are "true" vectors, the angular velocity [...] is a "pseudovector" or "axial vector".
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