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NOUN   an axillary bud | axillary buds
axillary bud
Achselknospe {f}
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Übersetzung für 'axillary bud' von Englisch nach Deutsch

axillary bud
Achselknospe {f}bot.
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  • Nodal (axillary bud) sections are established in a culture of Woody Plant Medium (WPM) amended with 4.4 μmol/L 6-Benzyladenine (BA) to promote shoot growth.
  • The axillary bud is exposed only after the leaf falls off.
  • The axillary bud (or lateral bud) is an embryonic or organogenic shoot located in the axil of a leaf.
  • The gall is a small rosette, most often in an axillary bud on sallows.
  • He concluded that the onset of axillary bud growth is mainly affected by the position relative to the ortets axillary bud.
  • Micro propagation too is feasible through axillary bud proliferation.
  • They are involved primarily in cell growth and differentiation, but also affect apical dominance, axillary bud growth, and leaf senescence.
  • These may develop from either the axillary bud or the terminal bud of the stem.
  • The leaves are elliptic and 90-200 × 45-80 mm on 6-10 mm petioles; they are adaxially furrowed, glabrous and often with an axillary bud at the base.
  • The inflorescence of the terminal axillary bud is [...] long.
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