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axon growth
Axonwachstum {n}
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Übersetzung für 'axon growth' von Englisch nach Deutsch

axon growth
Axonwachstum {n}biol.
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  • SCO-spondin is secreted by the subcommissural organ, and contributes to commissural axon growth and the formation of Reissner's fiber, a fibrous aggregation of secreted molecules extending from the subcommissural organ to the end of the spinal cord.
  • HNRNPR, together with its main RNA interacting partner, 7SK, is essential for axon growth in motoneurons.
  • For axon growth, DLK phosphorylates MAP2K4/7 which then phosphorylates JNK, activating it.
  • By binding plexin B1 receptor it functions as an R-Ras GTPase-activating protein (GAP) and repels axon growth cones in both the mature central nervous system.
  • CSPGs are the main axon growth inhibitory molecules in the glial scar that play a role in the failure of the axon to regenerate after injury.
  • Fzd3 controls axon growth and guidance in the mouse nervous system, and migration of neural crest cells.
  • In DCC mutation, impaired or missing netrin 1 receptor protein impairs control of axon growth during nervous system development.
  • The directed growth of axons depends on structure at the end of the tip of a growing axon referred to as a growth cone.
  • RYK is involved in regulation of axon growth during development of the nervous system.
  • The filopodia are bound by a membrane which contains receptors, and cell adhesion molecules that are important for axon growth and guidance.
  • Expression of ID proteins in neurons halts neuron axon growth and allows elongation of neurons.
  • Axon growth takes place from a region called the growth cone and reaching the axon target is accomplished with relatively few guidance molecules. Growth cone receptors respond to the guidance cues.
  • Axon formation and growth is another key part of plasticity and activity-dependent competition. Axon growth and branching has been shown to be inhibited when the neuron's electrical activity is suppressed below the level of an active neighbor.
  • N-cadherin agonists have been identified and observed to stimulate neurite growth and cell migration, key aspects of promoting axon growth and remyelination after injury or disease.
  • In addition to axon growth cones, the model organism "Dictyostelium discoideum" has been instrumental in determining the mechanisms that mediate chemorepulsion and immunorepulsion.
  • Guidepost cells are cells which assist in the subcellular organization of both neural axon growth and migration.
  • It was shown that APCCdh1 is active in adult brain and liver tissues. It seems that the complex has a function in axon growth, morphology and plasticity of synapses as well as in learning and memory.
  • Reticulons are typically in the ER of cells; however, they have additionally been found on cell surfaces in mammals and on the surface of oligodendrocytes where they inhibit axon growth.
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