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axoplasmic {adj}
axoplasmic reticulum
axoplasmatisches Retikulum {n}
axoplasmic transport
axoplasmatischer Transport {m}
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  • It is believed this decrease in AChE and MEP structural changes could be the result of over stimulation of thyroxin blocking the axoplasmic flow of trophic factors down the axon terminal especially considering thyroxine's role in nervous system growth and metabolism regulation.
  • These areas with reduced blood flow reflect the obstruction of axoplasmic flow due to mechanical or vascular causes and the consequential accumulation as a result of decreased axonal transport.
  • The greater the cross sectional area of the axon, "πa"2, the greater the number of paths for the charge to flow through its axoplasm, and the lower the axoplasmic resistance.
  • Theories suggest that the dis edema is due to retinal vascular leakage into and surrounding the optic nerve and disruption of axoplasmic flow resulting from microvascular disease of the optic nerve head.
  • In axonal transport (also known as axoplasmic transport) materials are carried through the axoplasm to or from the soma.
  • In addition to providing structural support, microtubule functions include axoplasmic transport and control of the cell's movement, growth and shape.
  • Virus transmission relies on the mechanism of axoplasmic transport.
  • Stretching, including nerve-gliding, is frequently included in a CIPN treatment plan to improve nerve excursion across joints, promote axoplasmic flow, and decrease inflammation.
  • They are then transported in neurosecretory granules along axons within the hypothalamo-neurohypophysial tract by axoplasmic flow to axon terminals forming the pars nervosa of the posterior pituitary.
  • Liliana Lubińska (14 October 1904 – 19 November 1990) was a Polish neuroscientist known for her research on the peripheral nervous system and her discovery of bidirectional axoplasmic transport.
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