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basin-shaped {adj}beckenförmig
basin-shaped valleyTalbecken {n}
tongue-shaped basin
Zungenbecken {n}
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  • In the Fossey Mountains Trough, the intersecting folds have made dome and basin shaped structures.
  • The evidence supplied by soundings tends to support the theory that the basin-shaped hollow has been eroded by ice-action.
  • Campo Imperatore ("Emperor's Field") is a mountain grassland or alpine meadow formed by a high basin shaped plateau located above Gran Sasso massif, the largest plateau of Apennine ridge.
  • Halmahera nests are described as a large basin-shaped structure made of roots and moss and lined with soft chips of wood, and the clutch appears to consist of just a single egg.
  • The name of Coolamon comes from the Aboriginal word for a basin-shaped wooden dish made and used by Australian Aboriginal people.
  • The first was a fragmentary burial found in a basin-shaped pit with no grave goods.
  • Most of them were shallow and basin shaped and the rest were deep with vertical sides and flat bottoms.
  • Most were reported as basin-shaped, storage-refuse pits.
  • A corrie is a basin-shaped hollow in a mountain. Each of these terms also occurs in parts of the world formerly colonized by Britain.
  • It has a broad, basin-shaped valley, and terminates as a tributary to Safety Sound.
  • The basin-shaped valley is today a largely treeless arable farming region that has probably always been used by man for that purpose.
  • The skeleton of the pelvis is a basin-shaped ring of bones connecting the vertebral column to the femora. It is then connected to two hip bones.
  • In the game, a ball is rolled into a basin-shaped wheel, which is divided into twenty-five shallow cups.
  • The visitor to the Bullenkuhle comes across a basin-shaped hollow with steep sides of 30 to 60° in places.
  • , The first known metates were flat or basin-shaped; trough-shaped metates came into use in the Southwest around AD 450.
  • Each pond is a basin-shaped limestone doline approximately [...] deep and connected to the others by shallow watercourses called "races".
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