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NOUN   a basin | basins
basinsBecken {pl}
basinsStromgebiete {pl}
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Übersetzung für 'basins' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Becken {pl}

Stromgebiete {pl}
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  • Six basins ranging in age from cl to c3 were formed during the waning stages of high-impact flux when the surface was virtually saturated with craters and basins.
  • There are 19 geological basins making up the Arctic region.
  • Since the new oceanic basins are shallower than the old oceanic basins, the total capacity of the world's ocean basins decreases during times of active sea floor spreading.
  • The Adelaide Superbasin composed of several named basins and sub-basins. In total there are currently eight defined basins/sub-basins within the Adelaide Superbasin.
  • Some normal faulting took place within the Nevadaplano, along with the exposure of core complexes, and generated isolated basins.
  • There are a total of 9 tropical cyclone basins, 7 are seasonal and two are non-seasonal, thus all 8 basins except the Mediterranean are active. In this table, data from all these basins are added.
  • Some Neoproterozoic clastic metasedimentary rocks in the Central Eastern Desert of Egypt (CED) derived from bimodal volcanic sources appear to have been deposited in arc-related basins, including interarc or back-arc basins, intra-arc basins, and retro-arc basin of active continental margin.
  • Ethiopia has 12 basins, of which 8 are basins, 1 is a lake basin with perennial rivers and 3 are dry basins.
  • The Andean foreland basins or Sub-Andean basins are a group of foreland basins located in the western half of South America immediately east of the Andes mountains.
  • Seonamsa's stone basins supply water to the temple using four basins, a square one and three circular ones. The stone basins are connected sequentially by tubes of bamboo.
  • It belongs to the water divide between the drainage basins of Arc and Dora Riparia (thus between Rhone and Po basins).
  • All major lakes of Switzerland are located in the Rhine, Rhone and Po basins. Lakes in the Danube and Adige basins are less than 5 km². All basins except the Adige have glaciers.
  • Catch basins act as the first-line pretreatment for other treatment practices, such as retention basins, by capturing large sediments and street litter from urban runoff before it enters the storm drainage pipes.
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