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NOUN   a capability | capabilities
capabilitiesMöglichkeiten {pl}
capabilitiesFähigkeiten {pl}
capabilitiesBefähigungen {pl}
capabilitiesRessourcen {pl}
2 Wörter
(basic) capabilitiesGrundbefähigungen {pl}
attachment capabilities {pl} [emotional] [less often: attachment capability]
Bindungs­fähigkeit {f} [emotional]
binary capabilitiesBinärverarbeitungs­fähigkeiten {pl}
core capabilities
Kernfähigkeiten {pl}
defensive capabilities {pl}Wehrhaftigkeit {f}
key capabilitiesSchlüsselfähigkeiten {pl}
military capabilities {pl}
militärisches Leistungs­vermögen {n}
retrieval capabilitiesAbfragemöglichkeiten {pl}
superior capabilitiesüberlegene Fähigkeiten {pl}
technical capabilitiestechnische Möglichkeiten {pl}
3 Wörter
comfortable search capabilitieskomfortable Suchmöglichkeiten {pl}
4 Wörter
to be beyond one's capabilitiesseine Fähigkeiten übersteigen
5+ Wörter
I don't know anybody's capabilities better than I know his. Es gibt niemanden, dessen Fähigkeiten ich besser kenne (als seine).
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  • Applications which use terminfo know the types for the respective capabilities, and obtain the values of capabilities from the terminfo database using library calls that return successfully only when the capability name corresponds to one of the predefined typed capabilities.
  • Bluetooth capabilities and a 0.3 megapixel digital camera with 4X digital zoom and video capabilities.
  • It includes numerous data entry capabilities, hydraulic analysis components, data storage and management capabilities, and graphing and reporting capabilities.
  • While RBV scholars have traditionally focused on intraorganizational resources and capabilities, some research points to the importance of interorganizational routines.
  • The capabilities entity is a MIME body part containing the Push Initiator's assumed subset of the capabilities of the wireless device/user agent.
  • In 2012, APAN adds Mapping and GIS capabilities to support collaboration. Mapping capabilities are enhanced on October 31, 2015.
  • The human condition can be (1) suffering – weak capabilities and narrow guarantees, (2) struggling – mediocre capabilities and guarantees, (3) thriving – strong capabilities and wide guarantees.
  • When scientific calculators were originally marketed they normally had only four of five capabilities (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and square root).
  • The extensions are termed capabilities and are listed by the CAPA command.
  • Camera capabilities: Gyro-stabilized camera mounting capabilities, providing an excellent platform for high-definition TV/video filming.
  • Enabling Capabilities are defined as those that "are necessary but not sufficient in themselves to competitively distinguish a company."
  • He was further tasked with coordinating resource investment to deliver information-centric capabilities and competitive advantages while aggressively accelerating experimentation and innovation with information capabilities including remotely piloted, unattended, and autonomous capabilities adaptively networked to extend reach, penetration and persistence in denied areas.
  • Key Raytheon Missiles & Defense capabilities combine key IDS and RMS capabilities.
  • Unlike the major six tool capabilities (see above), the following categories are introduced for the list, which correlate closer with the product marketing or summarizes capabilities, such as RM including the elicitation, analysis and specification parts, and TM meaning verification & validation capabilities.
  • System V Release 4 defined additional terminfo capabilities including standardized ANSI color capabilities [...] and [...] , which could be used by "tput".
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