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ceci [short for: ceci bean] [Cicer arietinum]
Kichererbse {f}
ceci bean [Cicer arietinum]
Felderbse {f}
ceci bean [Cicer arietinum]
Venuskicher {f}
ceci bean [Cicer arietinum]
Echte Kicher {f}
ceci bean [Cicer arietinum]
Römische Kicher {f}
ceci bean [Cicer arietinum]
Kichererbse {f}
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  • Chak married his girlfriend of two years, Ceci, on 4 November 2019.
  • "Lacronia ceci" is the first species of the genus to be found in highlands away from the coast.
  • However, luck would have it that the kidnappers imprisoned him in a small room on the rooftop of the building where Ceci lived with her father, Souza (Wong Jing).
  • On one of the walls of the Palace there is an inscription "Ceci n'est pas un château" ("This is not a palace"), an allusion to René Magritte's painting "The Treachery of Images" – "Ceci n'est pas une pipe".
  • An uncommon black chickpea, "ceci neri", is grown only in Apulia and Basilicata, in southern Italy. It is around the same size as garbanzo beans, larger and darker than the 'desi' variety.
  • She is also a board member of the Foundation ceci n'est pas une crise, created in 2013 in Belgium to respond to the challenges of cultural and identity populism.
  • Sheets married his wife Ceci in 1977. Together they have two children. Ceci is the acting COO of Dutch Sheets Ministries.
  • This is the story of Alejandro (Alex) and Cecilia (Ceci), a married couple living in Mexico.
  • "Notes": Niko Ceci returns to voice Corn permanently.
  • Minestra di ceci is a common soup in the Abruzzo regione of Italy, and has been described as a winter soup.
  • His painting "The Treachery of Images", includes the words "this is not a pipe", the truth of which depends entirely on whether the word "ceci" (in English, "this") refers to the pipe depicted—or to the painting or the word or sentence itself.
  • Cecilia Curbelo (Montevideo, 23 January 1975), also known as Ceci, is an Uruguayan journalist, columnist, writer and publishing.
  • Lagane e cicciari (or lagane e cirici, lagane e ceci) is a dish from the Calabria region of southeastern mainland Italy. It consists of lagane, a wide pasta with chickpeas, garlic, and oil.
  • This model, first proposed by Urie Bronfenbrenner and Stephen J. Ceci, Ceci is a developmental psychologist who redefined modern developmental psychology's approach to intellectual development.
  • Ceci now works for the federal government as a database administrator.
  • . ceci n'est pas un clip" (‘Te Quiero...this is not a music video’).
  • In 1964, Ceci was elected as a Republican to the Wisconsin State Assembly.
  • Examples include: English "this" and "that", French "ceci" and "cela", and Indonesian "ini" and "itu".
  • In March 2019, Finance Minister Joe Ceci revealed the Government of Alberta had received a detailed offer from Scotiabank to purchase ATB Financial; however, the amount offered to privatize ATB was not provided by Ceci.
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