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NOUN   a cedar bark | cedar barks
cedar bark
Zedernrinde {f}
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Übersetzung für 'cedar bark' von Englisch nach Deutsch

cedar bark
Zedernrinde {f}bot.
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  • Snoqualm had ordered that a rope of cedar bark be stretched between the earth and the sky.
  • However, all of the cottages had cedar-bark sheathing and gabled roofs that matched the features of the nearby Chateau and Chalet.
  • The soulcatcher was plugged at both ends with shredded cedar bark, to contain the lost soul, or to hold a malevolent spirit "sucked out" of a patient.
  • During ceremonies they wore circles of cedar bark on their ankles as well as cedar breech clouts.
  • Some tribes have also whipped soapberries with bunches of inner cedar bark, thimbleberry branches or salal branches in birch bark bowls.
  • The bark was mixed with cedar bark to make a dark brown dye.
  • They could be attached to traditional regalia and cedar bark hats as status symbols, or they were also made into shirts.
  • Cedar bark textile was used by indigenous people in the Pacific Northwest region of modern-day Canada and the United States.
  • For the insulation of the homes, cedar bark was used to cover the pine poles to create a sturdy and durable covering for the family housed inside.
  • A lack of a water source and exclusion of monkeys from water sources are major causes of cedar bark stripping behaviour in Barbary macaques.
  • In recent years there has been a revival of cedar weaving in some communities, and along with it, new forms of cedar bark products.
  • An upstairs passageway is walled with Japanese cedar bark.
  • 24-25) Winalagalis is the bringer and ruler of "Tseka" (Winter Ceremonial), and imbues red cedar bark with supernatural power.
  • This weave is mainly used in the construction of cedar bark and rush mats, and other coarse materials.
  • These were made of bear grass, cedar root, horsetail root, and cedar bark and were used to gather berries and fruits.
  • In both techniques, dog, mountain goat, or sheep wool and shredded cedar bark are combined to create textiles featuring curvilinear formline designs.
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