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NOUN   a cesura | cesuras / cesurae
cesura [Am.]Zäsur {f}
cesura [Am.]
Ruhepunkt {m}
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Übersetzung für 'cesura' von Englisch nach Deutsch

cesura [Am.]
Zäsur {f}

Ruhepunkt {m}mus.
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  • This excerpt is also typical in terms of content arrangement: the parts before the cesura make an initial statement and the parts after the cesura append, clarify, or retort that statement.
  • Although French poetry during the reign of Henri IV and Louis XIII was still largely inspired by the poets of the late Valois court, some of their excesses and poetic liberties found censure, especially in the work of François de Malherbe who criticized La Pléiade's and Philippe Desportes's irregularities of meter or form (the suppression of the cesura by a hiatus, sentences clauses spilling over into the next line "enjambement", neologisms constructed from Greek words, etc.).
  • The text consists of 16-syllable verses, each one divided in the middle into a pair of isometric hemistiches of 8 syllables by a cesura.
  • 2011 Fundamental Law (the Constitution) which establishes a radical cesura between the past and present Hungarian State.
  • Except for lyric passages in these plays, the meter used was a twelve-syllable line (the "alexandrine") with a regular pause or "cesura" after the sixth syllable; these lines were put into rhymed couplets; couplets alternated between "feminine" (i.e.
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