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NOUN   a charging time | charging times
charging time
Aufladezeit {f}
charging time [battery]
Ladedauer {f} [Batterie]
battery charging time
Batterieladezeit {f}
battery charging time
Batterieladedauer {f}
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  • Charging time basically depends on the battery's capacity, power density, and charging power.
  • The Dragonfly recharges by plugging into its remote control unit, which itself requires 6 AA batteries. Charging time is about 20 minutes.
  • Consumable items: Collecting treasure gives experience points, and gaining levels slightly increases combo damage and shortens the charging time to perform a super attack (which is done by holding the attack button until the character glows yellow).
  • For example ITU-R 468 noise weighting uses a special rectifier incorporating two cascaded charging time constants.
  • A simple charger typically does not alter its output based on charging time or the charge on the battery.
  • Its models investigate the challenges and opportunities of V2G services, such as modulation of charging time and charging rate for peak demand response and utility frequency regulation.
  • Using the onboard AC charger, charging time increases to about seven hours using a dedicated 240-volt charging station or about 20 hours using a standard household 120-volt outlet.
  • Alternative options are discussed for energy storage to increase energy density and decrease charging time.
  • The charging time for the C-Max Energi is 7 hours with a 120 volt charger, and 2.5 hours with a 240 volt charger.
  • ... the car lights were left on overnight) and next is given a fast charge for only a few minutes, then during the short charging time it develops only a charge near the interface.
  • Larger capacitors in the connecting column also reduce ripple but at the expense of charging time and increased diode current.
  • It is powered by manganese lithium-ion batteries made by Japan Storage Battery, which have 65% reduced charging time over nickel-hydrogen batteries.
  • This type of strobe requires no charging time and allows for much quicker flash rates, but drastically reduces the lifetime of the flash tube if powered for significant periods of time.
  • Standard battery pack is made from lithium-ion, with rated range of up to two hours or [...]. Recharging is done using 120 V or 240 V with a charging time of two hours.
  • Charging time with a 40 A/240 V charging station is 5 hours in Standard Mode and 6 hours for Extended Mode; the onboard charger delivers 9.6 kW at 40 amperes input, which yields a recharge time of 6 hours for Extended Mode.
  • Deliveries began in California by July 2013, The combination of alternating current motor, battery, and inverter has a claimed efficiency of 92%. Charging time is less than four hours when connected to a 240 [...] V AC source using the on-board 6.6 [...] kW charging module.
  • Recharging time is an important parameter to the user of a product powered by rechargeable batteries.
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