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to construct a bridgeeine Brücke bauen
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Übersetzung für 'construct a bridge' von Englisch nach Deutsch

to construct a bridge
eine Brücke bauen
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  • Goldstein of Calvert County sponsored a bill to construct a bridge between Benedict and Hallowing Point.
  • The Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) is also proposing to construct a bridge crossing the Pasig River between North Harbor and South Harbor.
  • The city originally planned to construct a bridge over the tracks to the new lot and the shoreline park areas, as Ferry Street is frequently blocked by trains, but it proved too costly to construct.
  • The end of the new section was joined to the existing A477 by a ferry crossing across the River Cleddau, with a project underway to construct a bridge to replace the ferry.
  • During World War I, Russian prisoners of war were forced to construct a bridge across a large chasm inside the cave.
  • In 1825 an Act of Parliament established the "Hayle Bridge Causeway and Turnpike Trust" which was required to construct a bridge, causeway and turnpike over the Hayle River from Griggs Quay (...) in the west to Phillack in the east.
  • It was possible to construct a bridge that had piers resting on normally exposed basalt rock above the waterfall during low water periods such that during periods of high water, when this stretch of the Columbia River became raging rapids, the piers supported a bridge spanning the entire flood.
  • The record is of a business transaction in which the township hired a local man to construct a bridge at "Kelly’s Settlement on the Johnstown road".
  • The aim of the project was to construct a bridge and slip roads to allow local traffic to leave the dual carriageway and join the main road safely.
  • As discussed below, another attempt to charter and construct a bridge across the Ohio River was made more than a decade later.
  • The United States Department of War approved the Marine Parkway Authority's request to construct a bridge over Rockaway Inlet in December 1935, although some members of the War Department preferred a tunnel under the inlet so as to not impede marine traffic.
  • Army Corps of Engineers to construct a bridge needed for the project.
  • He tried to construct a bridge to Nagashima Aiseien Sanatorium from Japan Proper, and the bridge was completed in 1988. It was a step toward lessening leprosy stigma.
  • Problem arises when the government decides to construct a bridge on it which will deprive his earnings.
  • In 1906, he returned to Belgium for the first time in 40 years, to look for engineers and participating companies to construct a bridge in Lanzhou.
  • The aim is usually to construct a bridge with a specific quantity of materials over a specific span, that can sustain a load.
  • In 1965, the Nordic Council agreed in principle to build a new international airport on Saltholm, to replace the airport at Kastrup, and to construct a bridge-and-tunnel link across the island to connect Copenhagen and Malmö.
  • The government appoints special officer-cum-civil engineer Vijay to construct a bridge over a river next to the tribal village of Ding in the north eastern part of India.
  • As part of "development" plans, the government wants to construct a bridge from the village across the river and villagers have to vacate.
  • in 1871 to construct a bridge across the Saint John River at Fredericton however the capital requirements for the NBL&RC saw the project put on hold for a decade.
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