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NOUN   a dyad | dyads
Zweiergruppe {f}
dyad [two units treated as one; a couple; a pair]Gespann {n} [ein Paar]
dyadPaar {n}
Dyade {f}
dyadZweizahl {f}
dyadZweiheit {f}
Doppelvektor {m}
Zweiklang {m}
3 Wörter
dyad of cells
Dyade {f} [Zellenpaar]
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  • The UCDP Dyadic Dataset is a dyad-year version of the UCDP/PRIO Armed Conflict Dataset.
  • We can see that, for any dyad formed from two vectors a and b, its double cross product is zero.
  • In a dyad (i.e. a two-person group), a person is able to retain their individuality as there is no fear that another may shift the balance of the group.
  • Mitra-Varuna is a modern day Hindu dyad of deities They are associated with homosexuality and believed by Dumezil to descend from this original dyad.
  • The Atrani-chess dyad shown in "Metamorphosis II" was used again in "Metamorphosis III".
  • Jennifer and Bailey offer, in a blonde-brunette dyad typical of sitcoms of the era, contrasting portrayals of female sexuality from opposite ends of the spectrum.
  • The common fate model is a method of estimating not how two people influence one another, but how two people are similarly influenced by an external force. Dyadic means are computed for both the independent and dependent variable to estimate the effects of the dyad as a single unit.
  • A duocentric social network is a type of social network composed of the combined network members of a dyad.
  • Artificial dyad and triad systems in which carotenoids are covalently bound have been able to mimic the charge separation and light harvesting mechanisms present in phototrophic organisms.
  • A convergently evolved glutamic peptidase, the pre-neck appendage protein (bacteriophage phi-29), uses a Glu and Asp dyad at the active site, and is classified as MEROPS family G2.
  • This structure is thought to destabilize the binding of RNA polymerase enzyme to DNA (hence terminating transcription). Dyad symmetry is known to have a role in the rho independent method of transcription termination in "E.
  • All the four promoters have a region with a partial dyad symmetry centered around 55 bp downstream from the transcriptional initiation site.
  • Simmel conveys how cohesion has played a role in distinguishing between a dyad and a triad.
  • The second is the neighboring Tyr23, which together with Lys22 forms a “functional dyad” required for channel block.
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