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NOUN   an estuary area | estuary areas
estuary areaMündungs­gebiet {n}
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Übersetzung für 'estuary area' von Englisch nach Deutsch

estuary area
Mündungs­gebiet {n}
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  • He returned again to Spain and was appointed "Governor of the Islands in the Rio Marañon", the estuary area of the Amazon River (discovered by Vicente Yáñez Pinzón in 1500, but not explored since).
  • The Russian Gazprom company is investing in the expansion of gas production in the Taz Estuary area, where there are said to be huge reserves.
  • There was a large punitive operation in late 1846 at the mouth of the Snowy River involving the forces being split into 3 groups to surround and engage Aboriginal people residing in the estuary area.
  • It is part of the Taw-Torridge estuary Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and is at the centre of the UNESCO-designated North Devon's Biosphere Reserve, where Braunton Burrows lies at the heart.
  • In 2000, the dune system was included in the Bann Estuary Area of Special Scientific Interest, due to the rare and fragile habitats and wildlife that it supports.
  • Although there is a long history of settlement in the Hayle Estuary area dating from the Bronze Age, the modern town of Hayle was built predominantly during the 18th century industrial revolution.
  • The park is a wetland in the Jin River estuary area.
  • The conservation park which was proclaimed in 2006 under the "National Parks and Wildlife Act 1972", is considered to be ‘a significant coastal wetland/estuary area supporting mangroves and intertidal habitats’ and that two creeks located within its boundaries, Wills and Shag Creeks, are ‘known fish nursery areas’ and ‘an important habitat for seabirds’.
  • All of these shell sites are located in the Acapetahua Estuary area.
  • In 2002, the Laemson National Park-Kapoe Estuary-Kra Buri River Estuary area became a designated Ramsar site.
  • The wreck lay on its side, partly submerged and visible to wartime shipping in the Thames Estuary area.
  • Boats can be hired from several yards and landings in the harbour and estuary area with kayaking and canoeing being popular on the river too.
  • The Cockney dialect taken beyond London is sometimes referred to as Estuary English, heavily influenced by Cockney and named after the Thames Estuary area where the movement of East Londoners to south Essex and to a lesser extent parts on north Kent led it to be most widely spoken.
  • Eureka Marsh is located entirely within the City of Eureka, California, and contains over [...] of both salt and freshwater marshes, wetlands, and estuary area.
  • The 4th Governor of Hong Kong, John Bowring, developed the estuary area and named it [...] (or Bowring City).
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