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f2f meetingf2f-Meeting {n} ["traditionelles" Meeting]
face to face {adv} <F2F>von Angesicht zu Angesicht [geh.]
face-to-face {adj} {adv} <F2F>von Angesicht zu Angesicht [nachgestellt] [geh.]
face-to-face communication <f2f, F2F>Face-to-Face-Kommunikation {f} <f2f, F2F>
face-to-face selling <f2f / F2F selling>
Face-to-face-Verkauf {m}
face-to-face training <f2f training>
Präsenztraining {n}
friend-to-friend network <F2F>
Friend-to-friend-Netzwerk {n} <F2F>
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  • The Family Activist Movement started to become a force in Norway in the mid-1980s with the introduction of F2F (Foreningen 2 Foreldre).
  • But with virtual collaboration people tend to have more intragroup conflict than F2F this is due to the exchange of fewer social remarks and less participation.
  • The squadron would become part of the USS Yorktown (CV-5) Air Group flying the Grumman F2F-1.
  • The channel is perhaps best known for helping launch the careers of Sacha Baron Cohen (presenter of anarchic children's show "F2F"), Natasha Kaplinsky (co-presenter of the "Paul Ross Show") and Graham Norton (regular guest presenter on "F2F").
  • However, all existing F2F programs can be used inside anoNet, making it harder to detect that someone uses one of these F2F programs (only a VPN connection can be seen from the outside, but traffic analysis remain possible).
  • The Grumman F2F was a single-engine, biplane fighter aircraft with retractable undercarriage, serving as the standard fighter for the United States Navy between 1936 and 1940.
  • 2015):" This instrument extends the Coll-TD Scale to Flipped Classrooms where collaboration takes place both f2f, during interactive group learning sessions, and outside class (virtual or f2f) during collaboration on projects or take home exams.
  • Private peer-to-peer systems can be divided into friend-to-friend (F2F) and group-based systems.
  • A friend-to-friend (or F2F) computer network is a type of peer-to-peer network in which users only make direct connections with people they know.
  • The character was first developed for the purpose of short skits on "F2F" on Granada Talk TV that Baron Cohen presented in 1996–1997, with the character at this time being known as Alexi Krickler.
  • The company introduced their first non-GMO corn and soybean seed offerings with F2F Genetics Network in August 2018.
  • In a friend-to-friend (or F2F) network, users only make direct connections with people they know.
  • However, Cohen had been developing a similar character since 1996 on the show F2F, before the Mahir webpage was published.
  • USAID has awarded cooperative agreements to eight organizations for implementation of the core F2F volunteer programs for international agricultural development for 2018 – 2023.
  • VF-7 was originally equipped with Grumman F2F and Grumman F3F aircraft. It was reequipped with the F4F-3 Wildcat in December 1940 and deployed as part of Carrier Air Group 7 (CVG-7) aboard the [...].
  • Mandela Partners also implemented the Food to Families (F2F) program, which "[...] health & wellness workshops, cooking demos, and group experiences for community families."
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