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SYNO clean | evenhandedly | fair | ...
fairly {adv}ziemlich
fairly {adv}recht [ziemlich]
fairly {adv}einigermaßen
fairly {adv}ordentlich [ugs.] [annehmbar, ganz gut]
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fairly cheap {adj}ziemlich billig
fairly close {adv}ziemlich nah
fairly far {adv}ziemlich weit
fairly good {adj}ziemlich gut
fairly quickly {adv}recht schnell
fairly serious {adj} [accident, catastrophe]mittelschwer
fairly vague {adj}ziemlich unklar
to deal fairlyanständig umgehen
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fairly and squarely {adv}offen und ehrlich
fairly long-term {adj}(eher) längerfristig
He dealt fairly.Er handelte recht.
He dealt fairly.Er benahm sich anständig.
until fairly recently {adv}bis vor kurzem [auch: bis vor Kurzem]
to come by sth. fairlyetw. mit Anstand erreichen
to deal fairly withanständig verfahren mit
to deal fairly with sb.mit jdm. anständig umgehen
fairly large quantityziemlich große Menge {f}
fairly long timegeraume Zeit {f} [geh.]
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a fairly affluent lifeein einigermaßen begütertes Leben {n}
a fairly uncommon sightkein sehr häufiger Anblick {m}
a fairly young manein jüngerer Mann {m}
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He dealt fairly with him.Er verhielt sich ihm gegenüber anständig.
How are you feeling? - (I feel) fairly / tolerably well.
Wie fühlst du dich? - Teils, teils!
to deal fairly with one's customersmit seinen Kunden anständig umgehen
to have a fairly good idea of sb./sth.einigermaßen Bescheid wissen über jd./etw.
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The Fairly OddParents
Cosmo und Wanda – Wenn Elfen helfen
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  • It has a fairly large range that includes some protected areas.
  • It is threatened by eventual habitat loss, but the population is currently fairly stable, as it adapts fairly well to human encroachment and development.
  • The type of housing found in Lordswood is fairly large, owner-occupied detached residences such as Bassett Avenue.
  • Wetherby has a cool, fairly moist climate with changeable weather year-round. Liquid equivalent precipitation totals about 630mm per year and is fairly well distributed through the seasons.
  • Autumn, winter, and spring are frequently characterized by rain in the Seattle area, while the summers are fairly dry and warm by comparison.
  • The village church dates back to 1787 and is a fairly typical T-plan design intended to provide a large number of seats within a fairly small space, all exposed to the full force of the preacher's oratory.
  • The radar receive antenna is located far from the radar transmit antenna in bistatic radar. The transmitter is fairly expensive, while the receiver is fairly inexpensive and disposable.
  • Though, if the implementation of the current hospital is fairly recent, the city has a fairly old hospital story.
  • Legs fairly slender. Head less broad, shiny, and without close granules.
  • Pickering attempted to compute an orbit, which showed a fairly high inclination (39.1° to the ecliptic), fairly large eccentricity (0.23) and a semi-major axis (...) slightly less than that of Hyperion.
  • More recently, "Groeberia" has been understood to be a gondwanathere multituberculate, a group in which its "aberrant" attributes turned out to be fairly typical.
  • Dylan performed in fairly unknown venues in fairly unknown cities.
  • Youphoria (pronounced "Euphoria") is a fairly large stage which is half covered at the rear of the dancefloor.
  • There has been criticism on the choice of location of the airport, which is fairly foggy, located 150 meters above sea level and often affected by low clouds.
  • Traditionally, Czech rugby has centred on a "section of the middle class" in and around Prague, which has been fairly small but fairly loyal to the sport.
  • Specifically, it is a white, acid free cardboard that bends fairly easily in one direction but is fairly stiff in the other, due to the grain of the paper fibers.
  • Zhao Xian is located in the middle of North China Plain; its elevation is fairly low and topography fairly flat.
  • The radar and guidance system imposed a fairly long short-range cutoff of about [...] , making them fairly safe for engagements at low level.
  • The fifth and final stage of the race was a [...] route from Almodôvar to Vilamoura. The first half of the stage was fairly hilly, but the final [...] were fairly flat.
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