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SYNO dependably | faithfully | reliably
faithfully {adv}ehrlich
faithfully {adv}treu
faithfully {adv}getreu
faithfully {adv}getreulich
faithfully {adv}treulich
faithfully {adv}treu und brav
2 Wörter
... Yours faithfully ... [esp. Br.]... Hochachtungs­voll ...
yours faithfullymit freundlichen Grüßen <MfG>
yours faithfully {adj} [Br.]hochachtungs­voll Ihr / Dein
Yours faithfully, ... [Br.]Mit freundlichen Grüßen ...
to promise faithfully
hoch und heilig versprechen
4 Wörter
... we remain, Yours faithfully ... [esp. Br.]... verbleiben wir hochachtungs­voll ...
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • To do you work more faithfully.
  • Other features of twm, including shaped window titlebars, are faithfully incorporated into vtwm.
  • This involves algorithms using the causal set aiming to give the dimension of the manifold into which it can be faithfully embedded.
  • A finite group may act faithfully on a set of size much smaller than its cardinality (however such an action cannot be free).
  • 2. Value quality but not quantity, and faithfully execute a unified education system.
  • Methodist commentator Joseph Benson makes the point that a king who judges the poor "faithfully" (the word used in the King James Version) also judges the rich "faithfully", but he argues that the proverb "names the poor, because these are much oppressed and injured by others, and least regarded by princes, and yet committed to their more especial care".
  • When the homomorphism is faithfully flat, the Amitsur complex is exact (thus determining a resolution), which is the basis of the theory of faithfully flat descent.
  • (46) And the Jews of the tribe of al-Aws, clients as well as original members, shall have the same rights as the people of this code: and shall behave sincerely and faithfully towards the latter, not perpetrating any breach of covenant.
  • "IATBA" murals which may have been defaced would be faithfully repainted by René.
  • Sometimes an fpqc morphism means one that is faithfully flat and quasicompact.
  • Recall that "V" acts faithfully and transitively on "E".
  • Father Sarvananthan faithfully served God and the Body of Christ for 44 years.
  • Ōhira mostly faithfully followed Norinaga's thoughts.
  • "Vanilla" faithfully flat descent is generally false; instead, faithfully flat descent is valid under some finiteness conditions (e.g., quasi-compact or locally of finite presentation).
  • is a faithfully flat map of commutative rings and [...] is an [...] -module, then [...] is projective if and only if [...] is projective.
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