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frustration potentialFrustrationspotential {n}
potential of frustrationFrustrationspotential {n}
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  • When a selfobject is needed, but not accessible, this will create a potential problem for the self, referred to as a "frustration" – as with 'the traumatic frustration of the phase appropriate wish or need for parental acceptance ...
  • Gertler was soon enjoying success as a painter of society portraits, but his temperamental manner and devotion to advancing his work according to his own vision led to increasing personal frustration and the alienation of potential sitters and buyers.
  • Fayval Williams in an interview publish in The Gleaner on September 21, 2018 said there is potential for the August Town community but expressed frustration that crime is retarding the progress of strides made in the community over the years.
  • The "Village Voice" also gave a predominantly negative review, expressing frustration over the film not living up to its potential.
  • As director of the Stem Cell Institute, he expressed his frustration with federal opposition to embryonic stem cell research, stating that the therapies that could result from such studies had the potential to "get patients out of bed and out of wheelchairs" and that the researchers in the U.S.
  • In 1798 in frustration, he ordered the part built a fort to be demolished so as not to give potential invaders a haven, [...] it was not destroyed and construction work continued.
  • Students expressed frustration about the incident; BBC News reported that students believed the incident could have the potential to affect their results.
  • In a November 7, 2010 article in "The Oregonian", Blazers chief executive officer Larry Miller continued to express frustration about the lack of availability for the team's CSN-televised games.
  • Nathan wants her for the commercial division but Janice vetoes her to Nathan's frustration.
  • These systems have enabled the experimental investigation of a variety of phenomena such as frustration, emergent magnetic monopoles, and phase transitions.
  • After being courted by many teams (including both the Knicks and Heat), he announced his decision to join the Miami Heat on national television on July 8, 2010, much to the frustration of many NBA fans.
  • Most of the storylines seem to indicate sexual frustration.
  • Another frustration for Hoggatt was his inability to convince the federal legislature to revise surveying laws.
  • Additionally, users online on platforms such as Weibo also expressed frustration with the government's involvement in private interpersonal relationships, using the hashtag "oppose the divorce cool-off period".
  • YouTube co-founders Jawed Karim, Steve Chen, and Chad Hurley revealed that their frustration at not being able to easily find a video clip of the incident provided the inspiration for the creation of YouTube.
  • The song embodied a mutual frustration within the band towards ignorance and the destruction of the human mind.
  • This miscalculation was met with frustration among many coastal residents that were evacuated out of an abundance of caution.
  • Attempts to guide financial reform through the parliament as a backbench senator led to frustration, and Walker retired due to ill health in 1913 with his legislation unpassed.
  • A&R manager Muff Winwood recalled "tearing his hair out" in frustration and said that without Blackwell's enthusiastic support "the rest of us would have given him the boot".
  • Jean used her Myspace account to express her frustration: "I have been reading some of these comments and to set the record straight from the horse's mouth – IF I WERE A BOY is my song; YES, I wrote this song; It is my story; a painful one, and the song is very dear to me.
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