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NOUN   a hierarchy | hierarchies
hierarchiesHierarchien {pl}
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Übersetzung für 'hierarchies' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Hierarchien {pl}
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  • Many other hierarchies of newsgroups are distributed alongside these.
  • By extension, pre-established hierarchies of access (ownership) will not increase the frequency of consensus unless the hierarchies support empirical reality.
  • Higher hierarchies are also possible. Most of these higher hierarchies either are stable or suffer from internal perturbations.
  • Smaller and more informal social units – families, bands, tribes, special interest groups – which may form spontaneously, have little need for complex hierarchies – or indeed for any hierarchies.
  • Newsgroup maintenance of the main Usenet hierarchies (Big 8 and regional hierarchies) is done through signed control messages.
  • A bounding interval hierarchy (BIH) is a partitioning data structure similar to that of bounding volume hierarchies or kd-trees.
  • The Big 8 (previously the Big 7) are a group of newsgroup hierarchies established after the Great Renaming, a restructuring of Usenet that took place in 1987.
  • Other natural hierarchies arise in computer science, where the word refers to partially ordered sets whose elements are classes of objects of increasing complexity.
  • In object-oriented programming languages, a disjoint union can be expressed as class hierarchies.
  • ocellaris" form specific social hierarchies within their societies.
  • Schöning introduced the low and high hierarchies to structural complexity theory in 1983.
  • His first academic article (2000) "Hierarchies and the organization of knowledge in production", argues that hierarchies within companies are tools to manage knowledge and promote specialization.
  • Social dominance is formed through dominance hierarchies. Such hierarchies arise when a member of social group elicits a dominance signal to initiate competitive interaction.
  • In interactive design and behavioral design, color is used to develop visual hierarchies where colors are placed into saliency hierarchies that match other hierarchies.
  • TANGO manages complexity using hierarchies.
  • Separator hierarchies may be used to devise efficient divide and conquer algorithms for planar graphs, and dynamic programming on these hierarchies can be used to devise exponential time and fixed-parameter tractable algorithms for solving NP-hard optimization problems on these graphs.
  • Published descriptions of AHP applications often include diagrams and descriptions of their hierarchies; some simple ones are shown throughout this article.
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