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NOUN   junk food | -
junk foodungesundes Essen {n}
junk foodJunk-Food {n} [Rsv.]
junk foodminderwertige Nahrung {f}
junk food
Schnellgerichte {pl}
junk food
Junkfood {n}
to live on junk foodsichAkk. von Junk-Food ernähren
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  • Todd McCarthy from "Variety" called it "scarcely more amusing than spending ninety minutes in a pre K classroom" and a "comically undernourished junk food snack".
  • Junk food news, defined here as inoffensive and trivial news served up in palatable portions, is an example of McDonaldization.
  • Considering the increase in junk food and its toxicity, FDA required in 1973 that cancer-causing compounds must not be present in meat at concentrations that would cause a cancer risk greater than 1 in a million over a lifetime.
  • Terms applied to such eating habits include "junk food diet" and "Western diet".
  • Realizing the popularity of Sarnia's chip trucks, the Ontario Medical Association includes them in a campaign to have fries and other junk food labelled for being dangerous in the same manner as cigarettes.
  • Disney Channel purportedly became the first media company to take such a stance on stopping the marketing of junk food products to kids.
  • Poutine was largely perceived as an unsophisticated backwoods creation or unhealthy junk food to be consumed after a night of drinking.
  • Several states in Mexico banned sales of junk food to minors, starting in August 2020.
  • He told "Colors" magazine in 2003 that he periodically breaks his fasting with a cheeseburger and a cola, explaining that when he's surrounded by junk culture and junk food, consuming them adds balance.
  • He has since said that he follows a vegan diet and is "extremely healthy", eating no junk food as he is allergic to wheat and dairy.
  • Kazaam finally convinces Max to make his first wish, which consists of junk food raining from the sky.
  • Although he went through recovery for his addiction to cocaine and alcohol, following his divorce from Sellecca in the mid 1980s, his compulsive eating habits increased and he would find himself devouring unhealthy portions of junk food.
  • Seeds provide little nutrition (they are mostly fat) and is considered similar to a person living on junk food.
  • These included legislation allowing bring-your-own-wine in restaurants, banning junk food in public schools to promote healthier choices, outlawing smoking in public places and requiring students to stay in school until age 18.
  • He sought to address children's issues with a Healthy Children Manifesto (June 2004) to ban junk food advertising to children and regulate food labeling (adopted by Government 11/06) and a School Meals and Nutrition Bill in January 2005 that sought to include nutrition in OFSTED and to ban unhealthy vending (provisions adopted 3/05 & 10/05).
  • While a student at Indiana University, Fogle lost [...] between 1998 and 1999. – through lack of exercise and eating junk food.
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