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juvenile phaseJugendphase {f}
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Übersetzung für 'juvenile phase' von Englisch nach Deutsch

juvenile phase
Jugendphase {f}
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  • An eft is the terrestrial juvenile phase of a newt.
  • As the young larvae grow, they move from the offshore spawning grounds to inshore and estuarine habitats, where they are frequently found in the juvenile phase of their growth cycle.
  • The tyrannosaurids spent as much as half its life in the juvenile phase before ballooning up to near-maximum size in only a few years.
  • As the name implies, late juvenile-phase and adult-phase specimens can be very aggressive.
  • However, it was found challenging to nurse the orchid to maturity due to its extensive juvenile phase.
  • latifasciatus" survived and was reared to the juvenile phase from a batch of "A.
  • Researchers in this area of study can use "Arabidopsis" to some degree for study as it does undergo some change from the juvenile phase to the mature phase but it is not clearly heteroblastic.
  • As its common name suggests it grows in limestone areas. This species does not have a divaricating juvenile phase.
  • During its juvenile phase, this wrasse can behave like a cleaner fish.
  • Wilhelm von Bode was the first to date the work to the artist's juvenile phase, in particular to the period of Verrocchio, 1469–1470, which has since been confirmed by other scholars.
  • The gray crow ("Corvus tristis"), formerly known as the bare-faced crow, is about the same size (42–45 cm in length) as the Eurasian carrion crow ("Corvus corone") but has somewhat different proportions and quite atypical feather pigmentation during the juvenile phase for a member of this genus.
  • Protelean parasites refer to insects that begin the juvenile phase of their lives as parasites and ultimately destroy or consume their host to emerge as free-living adults.
  • A number of insects have an aquatic juvenile phase and an adult phase on land.
  • The species appears to undergo a major transition in lifestyle after its juvenile phase, with young individuals leading a pelagic lifestyle, able to be transported to offshore islands such as the Galapagos by currents.
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