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juvenile plumage
Jugendkleid {n}
juvenile plumage
Juvenilkleid {n}
juvenile plumage
Jugendgefieder {n}
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Übersetzung für 'juvenile plumage' von Englisch nach Deutsch

juvenile plumage
Jugendkleid {n}orn.

Juvenilkleid {n}orn.

Jugendgefieder {n}orn.
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  • Many species have no eclipse plumage, but do have juvenile plumage.
  • Young birds spend about a year in juvenile plumage before moulting into adult plumage at around a year old.
  • The juveniles are apparently dependent on the adults for a long time and retain their juvenile plumage for about a year.
  • Prior to adulthood, the Malagasy pond heron will possess a juvenile plumage just before leaving the nest, lasting a few weeks.
  • The new wing spot contrasts sharply with the yellowish-brown juvenile plumage in this area of the wing.
  • The juvenile plumage is unknown, but in most snipes species, young birds differ from adults only in showing pale fringes on the wing coverts.
  • The juvenile plumage is much like the female's but duller and with darker or browner underparts.
  • The little blue heron has all-white juvenile plumage.
  • A wild bird in juvenile plumage is called a passager, meaning it is under a year old.
  • reddish egret), or have a white juvenile plumage (little blue heron).
  • They are born blind and naked, like all trogons, and it is at about 3 days before fledging that the nestling develops its final juvenile plumage appearing mostly brown and black but with visible green plumage, particularly on the nape, upper back, and throat.
  • The juvenile plumage is very pronounced with flecks of light to dark grey and warm milky browns on the upper side of the wing, back, and mantle.
  • The young remain in the nest longer than other alcids and molt into their juvenile plumage before leaving the nest.
  • The downy plumage of chicks start to be replaced by the juvenile plumage only five days after hatching and will continue to do so for about 30 days, until the juvenile plumage is complete.
  • Young birds fledge with a soft plumage and then moult into a juvenile plumage before migrating and then assume an adult plumage after moulting in their winter quarters.
  • After three months they start to gain their juvenile plumage, which is steadily replaced by adult-like plumage during their second year.
  • The juvenile plumage of the long-billed dowitcher is similar to that of the breeding adult except for being paler.
  • The female has a dark rounded tail with white tips and no throat patch; they are similar to female ruby-throated hummingbirds. Juvenile plumage is similar to that of adult females, but with buff margins on the dorsal feathers.
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