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NOUN   a juvenile shelter | juvenile shelters
juvenile shelterJugendheim {n}
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juvenile shelter
Jugendheim {n}
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  • She also created “Another Chance for Love” which helps juvenile prisoners develop self-esteem and life skills by lovingly and compassionately coaching the shelter dogs with The Loved Dog™ method.
  • In its juvenile stage it is often found finding shelter amongst of the tentacles of floating jellyfish, including the Portuguese man o' war.
  • It is also the location of the county jail, the county juvenile hall and the county children's shelter, which combine to form a sizable percentage of the place's population.
  • The intricate root system of mangrove forests makes them attractive to adult fish seeking food and juvenile fish seeking shelter.
  • Juvenile "A. ocellaris" have difficulty finding a sea anemone to live in (since they need anemone for survival and shelter).
  • Docks and piers can block light to underwater habitats such as eelgrass meadows, and sources of food and shelter for juvenile salmon and other marine life.
  • Mature sea pens provide shelter for other animals, such as juvenile fish.
  • While adults probably lived in ponds and rivers, or may have ventured onto their banks, juvenile "Eryops" may have lived in swamps, which may have offered more shelter from predators.
  • Predatory sea slugs of the genus "Phyllodesmium" are reported to feed on Xeniidae species. Representatives of this family have been observed to provide shelter to juvenile fish.
  • The possibility that Neanderthal childhood growth was different was first raised in 1928 by the excavators of the Mousterian rock-shelter of a Neanderthal juvenile.
  • He also worked in an East Los Angeles juvenile hall, a shelter for battered women and a convalescent hospital; four years of Bollard’s training were spent teaching philosophy and ethics at a Jesuit Preparatory School in Northern California.
  • As a juvenile, it actively feeds throughout the early morning on organisms within the water.
  • Justice Department as executive secretary for a project dealing with juvenile delinquency.
  • After the war it continued to function as an adult prison, and later became a juvenile detention centre in 1963.
  • In response to the misery and destruction caused by the tsunami catastrophe in 2004, Beluga Shipping built up the "Beluga School for Life", a village in Thailand for orphans and other juvenile victims.
  • These juvenile fish also appear to show preference for a particular siphonophore.
  • An institution established by Government of Kerala to rehabilitate children below 18 years of age who are in need of care and protection under Juvenile Justice Act 2000.
  • Adults attack unrelated juveniles but not their own offspring.
  • Juvenile horn sharks between [...] long prefer sandy flats with low vertical relief, in water [...] deep.
  • Little is known of prowfish reproduction, but juveniles have been observed to be pelagic; unlike adults, they spend their time in the middle levels of the water column, closely associated with their jellyfish prey.
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