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NOUN   a juvenile | juveniles
juvenilesJugendliche {pl}
Halbwüchsige {pl} [Jugendliche]
juveniles [leaves, foliage]
Jungtriebe {pl}
juveniles Jonge {pl} [südd.] [bes. schwäbisch] [Jugendliche]
juveniles and young adults
Jugendliche und Heranwachsende {pl}
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  • Mountain View was closed to juveniles and all juveniles moved to Long Creek. It is now an adult facility.
  • Juveniles charged with murder and juveniles with adult sentences are held within a Massachusetts Department of Youth Services-operated facility inside the Plymouth County Correctional Facility.
  • Clams in this family release many juveniles into the surrounding waters that have hatched inside the clams (ovoviviparous).
  • Juveniles have dark, narrow, close-spaced crossbands on the anterior part of the body, unlike the mid-dorsal blotches of juveniles of most other subspecies of "Coluber constrictor".
  • Juveniles are observed living in small crevices and holes, which can make their eradication difficult. In Dublin, juveniles have been observed on vegetation and leaves.
  • Incubation is quite long in this species, lasting usually between 5 and 8 months. Juveniles are between 1.2 and 1.6 inches (3.2 and 4 cm) upon hatching.
  • There is a grave presence of juveniles who are classified as youth with disabilities.
  • This form of cannibalism where the juveniles are fed on by the adults is referred to as intercohort cannibalism.
  • NJDC has advocated against the shackling of juveniles during court appearances and provides training for attorneys working with juveniles.
  • In 2021, his legislation that greatly expanded expungement for juveniles and automatically expunged certain non-violent offenses committed by juveniles was signed into law by Governor Gretchen Whitmer.
  • In San Antonio Bay, juveniles have been reported to demonstrate dispersive potential by rafting, which may explain records of the species in deeper waters.
  • Correctional institutions with juvenile areas typically have better conditions for juveniles than adults with sufficient bedding and blankets.
  • The coloration of juveniles is completely different from that of adults.
  • In the cases where juveniles have been deemed incompetent to stand trial, it has been found that these juveniles differ significantly from juveniles deemed competent.
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