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NOUN   kahuna | kahunas
big kahuna [Am.] [sl.]großer Häuptling {m} [ugs.] [wichtige Person]
big kahuna [Am.] [sl.] [exceptionally large wave]außergewöhnlich große Welle {f}
big kahuna [Am.] [sl.] [exceptionally skilled surfer]versierter Surfer {m}
big kahuna [Hawaii] [rare][bedeutender Priester, Weiser oder Heiler]
The Big Kahuna [John Swanbeck]
The Big Kahuna – Ein dicker Fisch
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  • His father was a kahuna. His most noted role as Truck on "Hawaii Five-O" came as a result of his working as an electrician on the set.
  • A "kahuna nui" (high priest) would wrap a piece of "māmane" wood in a dark "kapa" cloth and hold it up to symbolize authority.
  • In the New Age spiritual system known as Huna, which uses some Hawaiian words and concepts appropriated from Hawaiian tradition, "kahuna" denotes someone of priestly or shamanic standing.
  • The name "Keʻaiwa" means "strange" or "incomprehensible" un Hawaiian. Perhaps the name refers to the idea that the powers of the kahuna and the plants employed in healing are unfathomable.
  • ” While this term seems disrespectful by current standards, concurrent Hawaiian language newspaper descriptions used the more appropriate name Ka Pohaku Kahuna Kapaemahu, using the respectful term “kahuna” for priest, healer or expert in any area.
  • Kamehameha I had a residence with his family and personal kahuna and chief adviser Hewahewa.
  • This was one of Kauai's largest heiau and was used only by the ali’i nui (ruling chief) and kahuna nui (head priest).
  • His mother having died when he was young, Bray was Hānai (adopted) and raised by his aunt, kahuna Lukia Kahalaopuna.
  • "Thorunna kahuna" is a species of sea slug, a dorid nudibranch, a shell-less marine gastropod mollusk in the family Chromodorididae.
  • oponopono" was not used, early Hawaiian historians documented a belief that illness was caused by breaking kapu, or spiritual laws, and that the illness could not be cured until the sufferer atoned for this transgression, often with the assistance of a praying priest ("kahuna pule") or healing priest ("kahuna lapa [...] au").
  • Although the term "kahuna lomilomi" is widely used in contemporary writings, traditionally the people who performed lomilomi were called "ka po [...] e lomilomi" (the massage people) or "kanaka lomi" (massage person).
  • Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona (May 19, 1913 – February 11, 1992) was recognized as a "kahuna lapa [...] au" (healer) in Hawai [...] i and taught her updated version of ho [...] oponopono throughout the United States, Asia, and Europe.
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