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NOUN   a lab experiment | lab experiments
lab experiment [coll.]
Labortest {m}
lab experiment [coll.]
Laborversuch {m}
lab experiment [coll.]
Laborexperiment {n}
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Übersetzung für 'lab experiment' von Englisch nach Deutsch

lab experiment [coll.]
Labortest {m}tech.

Laborversuch {m}tech.

Laborexperiment {n}acad.
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Griffin, was conducting a lab experiment when a fire broke out destroying the building.
  • William thinks they are a secret lab experiment, but Miriam's observations and cached information sources lead her to believe that the mice are part of an upcoming summer interactive entertainment "movie" by FoxWarner.
  • A similar table and description of symptoms (given in rems, where 100 rem = 1 Sv), derived from data from the effects on humans subjected to the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the indigenous peoples of the Marshall Islands subjected to the Castle Bravo thermonuclear bomb, animal studies and lab experiment accidents, have been compiled by the U.S.
  • In a lab experiment, goldfish were conditioned to receive a light stimulus followed shortly by an aversive electric shock, with a constant time interval between the two stimuli.
  • An exploding lab experiment bombards Gemma with radiation, causing her future child to be born a mutant.
  • The problem with matching the (large) magnitude of the water-ice p-V gradient above the triple point boundary with the magnitudes of prevailing temperature and pressure in the case of the ice skating context applies equally in the context of the classic lab experiment with a copper wire cutting through an 10cm ice block with say a 28 swg wire.
  • Instead of giving them their own room as Sharikov demands, the Professor takes the woman aside and explains that Sharikov is the product of a lab experiment gone horribly wrong.
  • Some local people have linked it to the legend of the Chupacabra, while others believe that it was the product of a lab experiment that escaped, or that it was a previously unknown form of canid that was forced into contact with humans after its natural habitat was destroyed.
  • In this role, she co-created the world’s first rat casino in an animal lab experiment to model human gambling.
  • The symmetric cut and choose procedure for two agents was studied empirically in a lab experiment.
  • In September 2016, he was a panellist for the Grant LAB experiment.
  • She briefly had a romance with an escaped lab experiment and they had a litter of striped puppies which were adopted by many of the main characters (most have since been written out).
  • In the spatial approach, simulations mimic a lab experiment with natural inlet and outlet conditions (convective instability).
  • Under this theory, cooperating in everyday social situations tends to be successful, and as a result, cooperation is an internalized heuristic that is applied in unfamiliar social contexts, even those in which such behavior may not lead to the most personally advantageous result for the actor (such as a lab experiment).
  • droebachiensis" distribution and grazing patterns in the field, as well as a lab experiment to determine the effect of the sulphuric acid released from "D.
  • "Xystocheir bistipita" was renamed to "Motyxia bistipita" after it was discovered it glowed in a lab experiment.
  • At the University pavilion the world's longest lab experiment was on display.
  • Localization techniques can be applied to DASH7 endpoints. An accuracy of 1 m using DASH7 beacons at 433 MHz has been achieved in a lab experiment.
  • Things quickly get complicated as the Rangers are forced to choose between saving Highpool from raiders or the Ag Center from a lab experiment gone wrong; their choice wins them allies and acclaim from those they save, but means terrible losses for the other location (they can also fail to save both locations).
  • In a lab experiment, Shorrocks and Bingley (1994) showed that prior arrival increased survivorship for two species of fruit flies; each fly species had inhibitory impacts on the other.
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