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Labialisierung {f}
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Übersetzung für 'labialization' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Labialisierung {f}phonet.
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  • These diacritics are sometimes also used with consonants to indicate degrees of labialization.
  • The phonetic realization of both phonemes can vary depending on a number of factors: labialization (roundedness), palatalization, or closeness to certain consonants.
  • The most notable feature of the Arapesh phoneme inventory is the use of labialization as a contrastive device.
  • The lips play a major role in vowel articulation. It is generally believed that two major variables are in effect: lip-rounding (or labialization) and lip protrusion.
  • Along with more common voicing and labialization contrasts, Lushootseed has a plain-glottalic contrast, which is realized as laryngealized with sonorants, ejective with voiceless stops or fricatives.
  • Protruded rounding is the vocalic equivalent of consonantal labialization.
  • Before rounded vowels, all of the consonants exhibit some degree of labialization.
  • In the Seri language, "ö" indicates the labialization of the previous consonant, e.g. "cöihiin" [...] "sanderling".
  • In Abkhaz, it is a modifier letter, which represents labialization of the preceding consonant [...].
  • The extinct language Volow had a prenasalised labial-velar stop with labialization [...].
  • In various languages, including English and French, it may have simultaneous labialization, i.e. [...] , although this is usually not transcribed.
  • As there are no diacritics in the IPA to distinguish protruded and compressed rounding, an old diacritic for labialization, [...] , will be used here as an "ad hoc" symbol for the protruded palatal approximant.
  • for labialization. [...] was used to indicate simultaneous articulation, what in the IPA would be a tie bar.
  • Eastern Arrernte has labialization at all places and manners of articulation; this derives historically from adjacent rounded vowels, as is also the case of the Northwest Caucasian languages.
  • Another important change is the labialization of velars before dentals, which includes the changes "ct" > "pt", "gn" [...] > "mn", and "x" [...] > "ps".
  • for labialization. The [...] corresponds to the palatal semivowel whose IPA transcription is [...] (and not to IPA [...]).
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