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Latosol {m} [Verwitterungs­boden]
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Übersetzung für 'latosol' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Latosol {m} [Verwitterungs­boden]geol.
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  • Surrounded by mountains and land with very steep slopes. The soils are the type latosol textured red clay.
  • The prevalent soils are tropical nutrient-poor yellow-red latosol and podzols.
  • Much of the soil in the city consists of latosol and andisol with rugged and hilly topography.
  • The soil type is latosol which is of red iron and aluminium oxide.
  • Soil type is dominated by latosol, podsolic, alluvial and grumusol.
  • Cotton is produced around Point Pedro in the fertile calcic red latosol soils.
  • It has fertile lands (dark red latosol). The main river is the Rio Pardo.
  • Most soils in Batu city are andosols, sequentially present with cambisol, latosol and alluvial.
  • Soils are mainly litholic, from sandstone formations, but flat areas have yellow latosol.
  • Based on information from an exploration conducted in 1964, the main types of soil found in Tes Lake are regosol, andosol, latosol, and podzol (brown podzol soil).
  • Soil: The soil is predominantly latosol (80%) and quartz sand (20%).
  • The main elevations are: Located on the north side of Chapada do Araripe, it has two main types of soil: latosol and sedimentary.
  • The latosol is completely reliant on the rainforest to maintain fertility, as all nutrients leach away quickly when the forest is felled and the layer of humus is no longer being replaced...
  • 63% latosol soil. The city is located between [...] above sea level.
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