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NOUN   a ley line | ley lines
ley line
Brachlandlinie {f}
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Übersetzung für 'ley line' von Englisch nach Deutsch

ley line
Brachlandlinie {f}archaeo.
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  • Ley line magic has less permanence than earth magic, but is much faster and more easily adaptable.
  • Michael that falls on a ley line proposed by John Michell.
  • The chalybeate spring in St. Ann's Well Gardens might have been known for many years. The City Parks web site notes that the chalybeate spring in St. Ann's Well Gardens is the endpoint of a ley line.
  • The Millennium Circle, built by Bryan Raines from 2000 with a diameter exceeding 50 meters, sits on the intersection of two ley lines which are thought by druids to draw power between sites of geographical interest or historical monuments - in this case running between the Isle of Mann and Isle of Wight as well as a ley line from nearby Stonehenge.
  • In the Boundary Estate, Arnold Circus is a mark point on several ley line alignments, such as for example the Alfred Watkins' "Strand Ley" and "The Coronation Line".
  • The Chestnuts long barrow is the better preserved of the two long barrows. It was excavated in 1957, and artifacts from the dig are displayed in Maidstone Museum. It is believed to be on a Ley line.
  • The church lies on the Walterstone ley line described by Alfred Watkins in his book, The Old Straight Track.
  • St Michael's ley-line, which runs 350 miles from Land's End to Hopton-on-Sea, Norfolk, runs through the Nine Maidens.
  • Ultimately, the total destruction brings an unprecedented energy release of billions. Ley Line networks that crisscross the globe are energized as never before, causing rifts to open both on Earth and throughout the Megaverse.
  • Talent probes, essentially "feelers" or tendrils of invisible Talent can be used to examine areas beyond normal Talent detection, to manipulate the life force energy embedded or contained in objects, or to draw upon Talent energy from an open source, such as a Table or a ley line.
  • In "Early British Trackways" Alfred Watkins theorised that a ley line passed along the Malvern Hills through several wells including Holy Well, St Ann's Well, Walms Well and St. Pewtress Well.
  • Othery church is one of the churches dedicated to St Michael that falls on a ley line proposed by John Michell.
  • Ley lines (...) are straight alignments drawn between various historic structures and prominent landmarks.
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