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SYNO 55 | fifty-five | lv
Latvia <.lv>
Lettland {n}
luminance <Lv>
Leuchtdichte {f} <Lv>
leucovorin <LV>
Leukovorin {n} <LV>
lev <BGN, лв, lv> [Bulgarian monetary unit]
Lew {m} <BGN, лв, lv> [bulgarische Währungs­einheit]
livermorium <Lv>
Livermorium {n} <Lv>
2 Wörter
low-viscosity {adj} <LV>niedrigviskös [selten für: niedrigviskos]
lentiviral vector <LV>
lentiviraler Vektor {m} <LV>
lingual vein <LV> [Vena lingualis]
Zungenvene {f}
low vacuum <LV>
Niedervakuum {n} <NV>
lung volume <LV>
Lungenvolumen {n} <LV>
4 Wörter
(the Book of) Leviticus <Lev., Le., Lv.>
(der) Levitikus {m} <3. Mose, 3 Mos., Lev.>
(the Book of) Leviticus <Lev., Le., Lv.>
das dritte Buch {n} Mose <3. Mose, 3 Mos., Levitikus>
5+ Wörter
left ventricle <LV> (of the heart)
linke Herzkammer {f}
low-vacuum scanning electron microscopy <LVSEM, LV-SEM>
Niedervakuum-Rasterelektronenmikroskopie {f} <NV-REM>
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  • From 2015 its name was Komanda.lv First League ("Komanda.lv 1. ...
  • The standard PSAX view is at the level of the aortic valve, but moving the probe along the long-axis can review the LV outflow tract, LV at the base, and LV at the midsection.
  • la is used for Los Angeles—or “love”—as in “my.lv,” “we.lv,” or “true.lv”—and “live”—as in “xbx.lv” used by Microsoft for shortening links to their Xbox Live service—but these types of uses are not widespread.
  • In 2000, the "Norrlands luftvärnskårs (Lv 7) minnesmedalj " ("Norrland Anti-Aircraft Corps (Lv 7) Commemorative Medal") in silver (NorrllvkSMM) of the 8th size was established.
  • ManaBalss.lv is considered to be a successful case of internet activism where online petitioning and well-organised lobbying activities can help in the democratization of society and country.
  • On 24 March 2015 the cannabis decriminalization petition on ManaBalss.lv collected 10,005 signatures of citizens, which meant that the initiative may be submitted to Latvian Parliament.
  • Until the end of 2014 Latvian Television and Radio Latvia operated separate domains – ltv.lv and latvijasradio.lv.
  • Systolic hypertension (HTN) (elevated blood pressure) increases the left ventricular (LV) afterload because the LV must work harder to eject blood into the aorta.
  • Passenger traffic on the LV's Easton and Amboy connected with the Pennsylvania Railroad (PRR) at Metuchen, New Jersey and continued to the PRR'S Exchange Place terminus in Jersey City (that connection was discontinued in 1891 after the LV established its own route to Jersey City from South Plainfield).
  • Those pre-series units which were based on Volvo LV-66 were powered by six-in-line, OHV type Penta DC engines.
  • The event was being broadcast in portals draugiem.lv and studentuparadize.lv.
  • Free-to-use services (Vēstnesis.lv, Latvian legislation database Likumi.lv, legislation news portal LV portāls, weekly law journal "Jurista Vārds") are provided based on income from publication of official notices and sales of company products.
  • It was the owner of online social networks "One.lv" (Latvian) and "One.lt" (Lithuanian).
  • In 2001, the "Luftvärnsregementets (Lv 6) förtjänstmedalj" ("Air Defence Regiment (Lv 6) Medal of Merit") in gold and silver (LvregGM/SM) of the 8th size was established.
  • Instead of creating a new list for Libertas, Lauskis just renamed "Vienotība un Taisnīgums" to "Libertas.lv" instead.
  • Aortic valve stenosis is abnormal narrowing of the aortic valve.
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