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SYNO mezzo | mezzo-soprano
Mezzosopran {m}
mezzo-soprano [female]
Mezzosopranistin {f}
mezzo-soprano clef
Mezzosopranschlüssel {m}
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  • One of the most successful and widely known rock stars of her era, she was noted for her powerful mezzo-soprano vocals and "electric" stage presence.
  • Many of his vocal works were written for the virtuoso mezzo-soprano singer Jan DeGaetani.
  • Their daughter is the mezzo-soprano Elisabeth von Magnus.
  • Jane Bathori (14 June 1877 – 25 January 1970) was a French mezzo-soprano. She was famous on the operatic stage and important in the development of contemporary French music.
  • Merman was known for her powerful, belting mezzo-soprano voice and precise enunciation and pitch.
  • Whereas the oboe is the soprano instrument of the oboe family, the cor anglais is generally regarded as the alto member of the family, and the oboe d'amore—pitched between the two in the key of A—as the mezzo-soprano member.
  • The vocal range of a countertenor is equivalent to that of the female contralto or mezzo-soprano voice types.
  • Set for mezzo-soprano and full orchestra, it was given almost operatic treatment by the court composer Luigi Cherubini in 1789.
  • The role of Orlofsky is a trouser role, usually performed by a mezzo-soprano, sometimes by a countertenor and occasionally – an octave lower – by a tenor.
  • Conn introduced two new variants in 1928–1929, the "Conn-O-Sax" and the mezzo-soprano saxophone keyed in F.
  • The oboe d'amore, the alto (or mezzo-soprano) member of the family, is pitched in A, a minor third lower than the oboe.
  • The Vienna State Opera added it to its repertoire in January 2012 in a production by Jérôme Deschamps conducted by Ingo Metzmacher starring Christopher Ventris as Jimmy and Angelika Kirchschlager as Jenny, notably casting young mezzo-soprano Elisabeth Kulman as Begbick, breaking the tradition of having a veteran soprano (like Varnay or Jones) or musical theater singer (like Patti LuPone) perform the role.
  • which begins with the mezzo-soprano and is continued by the saw [...] the death and ascension of the sphinx killed by Oedipus.
  • The soprano has the highest vocal range of all voice types, with the highest tessitura.
  • Pauline Viardot ([...]; 18 July 1821 – 18 May 1910) was a nineteenth-century French mezzo-soprano, pedagogue and composer of Spanish descent.
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