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mustard oil
Senföl {n}
allyl mustard oil [allyl isothiocyanate, C₄H₅NS]
Allylsenföl {n} [Allylisothiocyanat, C₄H₅NS]
mustard seed oil
Senföl {n}
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  • The leaves are also stir-fried and eaten as a vegetable. Mustard oil is used for body massage during extreme winters, as it is thought to keep the body warm.
  • The Limnanthaceae are members of a recently identified clade (Brassicales) of mustard oil producing plants. They have a sharp flavor similar to mustard greens, radish or capers.
  • It is and served with mustard oil, onion, chili, pickles, "pitika" (mashes), etc.
  • Devotees worship to all nine planets here and they offer Mustard oil and flowers to Lord Shani at the temple during their prayers.
  • Racemic synephrine, given intramuscularly, or by instillation, was found to significantly reduce the inflammation caused by instillation of mustard oil into the eyes of rabbits.
  • Horseradish contains volatile oils, notably mustard oil.
  • Alternatively, other ingredients can be used to add extra heat, such as pure capsaicin extract or mustard oil.
  • Lokopakara (1025 CE) cookbook also mentions unique pakora recipe where gram flour is pressed into fish-shaped moulds and fried in mustard oil.
  • Other commercially significant derivatives include allyl alcohol, allylamine, allyl isothiocyanate (synthetic mustard oil), and 1-bromo-3-chloropropane.
  • However, there is more benefit to this species' use of mustard oil glucosides.
  • "Moringa" contain a number of sulfurous biochemical compounds called "mustard-oil glycosides" or glucosinolates commonly found in cruciferous vegetables of Brassicaceae.
  • Besides being a food, jaggery may be used (mixed in an emulsion with buttermilk and mustard oil) to season the inside of tandoor ovens.
  • The dholak's higher-pitched head is a simple membrane while the bass head, played usually with the left hand, has a compound syahi to lower the pitch and enable the typical Dholak sliding sound ("giss" or "gissa"), often the caked residue of mustard oil pressing, to which some sand and oil or tar may be added.
  • It is prevalent in wallflower seed and other plants in the family Brassicaceae, with a reported content of 20 to 54% in high erucic acid rapeseed oil and 42% in mustard oil.
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