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mustard production
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Übersetzung für 'mustard production' von Englisch nach Deutsch

mustard production
Senfherstellung {f}FoodInd.
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  • It took the British more than a year to develop their own mustard gas weapon, with production of the chemicals centred on Avonmouth Docks.
  • Grey Poupon Dijon and wholegrain mustard are still produced in France for the European markets. Production of Grey Poupon for the American market moved to Holland, Michigan, from Pennsylvania following Kraft Heinz's expansion of its 120-year-old Holland production facility.
  • Rewari is ranked third in Haryana in the production of rapeseed and mustard seed.
  • Unit 731 was involved in production and delivery of poison gases, and in 1929, a factory on Okunoshima was established to produce various poisonous gases such as mustard gas and phosphene gas.
  • Canola oil is sourced three species of Brassica plants: "Brassica rapa" and "Brassica napus" are commonly grown in Canada, while "Brassica juncea" (brown mustard) is a minor crop for oil production.
  • Industrial production of phosphorus trichloride is controlled under the Chemical Weapons Convention, where it is listed in schedule 3, as it can be used to produce mustard agents.
  • At present the district is famous for production of Mustard Crop in the region, manufacturing of Ray Ban eyeglasses, Beer production plants and frozen food industry.
  • It is cultivated over an area of 307,000 hectares with an annual production of 233,000 tonnes and contributes about 17% to the domestic production of edible oil.
  • The region is well known for extensive production of vegetables.
  • He issued a unilateral decree halting production and transport of chemical weapons which remains in effect.
  • Two years later, production facilities moved to San Leandro, California (...).
  • Processing of canola for oil production produces canola meal as a by-product.
  • Big O's are no longer in production, nor available.
  • Edgewood Arsenal included plants to manufacture mustard gas, chloropicrin and phosgene, and separate facilities to fill artillery shells with these chemicals. Production began in 1918, reached [...] per month, and totaled [...] of toxic gas manufactured at Edgewood Arsenal before the November 1918 armistice.
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